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  1. crabdog

    Singxer SDA-2 Native DSD512 DAC Impressions and Discussion

    Based on the AK4497EQ, the SDA-2 supports 384kHz, native DSD512. Class A balanced headphone output power 3480mW @30ohms. This thing is a beast and I've been really enjoying it for the last few weeks. It sounds boss as a standalone unit but I've also been using the XLR out to my Feliks Audio...
  2. crabdog

    Inearz Audio Fusion | Impressions and discussion thread

    This thread is for discussion on the Fusion. The Fusion is Inearz Audio's latest addition to their product range. It's a 6 BA CIEM with a smooth and resolving sound. Full review here:
  3. crabdog

    New Hidizs AP200 double DAC Android-based smart music player

    Unbeatable Features Android 5.1 system Dual DACs for a silky smooth sound Both Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity Type-C connector for max 500Mb/s transmit speed Support most high-resolution audio formats, at up to 384kHz/32Bit Much better sound quality than smart phone 8GB internal memory for...
  4. crabdog

    Extra Large tips

    Before anyone says anything - yes I searched and found some old threads on this subject but they are old and didn't help me much.   So I'm looking for extra large silicone / gel tips. I just received some large Auvio tips and they are slightly too small for me. If anyone has the ROCK Zircon...
  5. crabdog

    IEM shocking

    Hi I recently bought some KZ ed9 but there seems to be a problem with the left side. The sound is working fine but if I move my finger over the metal casing I get this electrical humming noise and sometimes I get like little mini electric shocks in my ear. This happens when using my mobile phone...