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  1. admaciaszek

    Recommend Soldering Iron?

    All my projects I have used my university's soldering irons and other equipment but As graduation approaches, I'm trying to flush out my own workbench. I have crappy 12$ kit I got off Taobao I've used for larger projects but absolutely too large and unwieldy to work on tint Knowles drivers. What...
  2. admaciaszek

    Copper 2 pin under $100 Suggestions

    I had been a hard-core cable denier until I switch my t88k from silver cabble it came with to an upgrade cable off Amazon noticed an actual difference in audio quality specifically in the sub bass. Now I have rhapsodio solars which use a 2 pin and I have no cables for it other than the silver...
  3. admaciaszek

    Triple Fi 10 Fall Out of Pins Constantly

    So I have pair of triple fi 10 that have 2 pin connectors and custom silver cable. These monitors are really heavy and are always coming off of the cable. I considering glueing them but then I can never replace the cable is there any less permanent solutions?