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  1. ZARIM

    Westone 4R vs 3XRC question from bass-lover

    If you are looking for wider soundstage, crisp clear soundquality with bigger bass then JVC FX700, Denon C300, Sennheiser IE8, UE TF10Pro are amazing for the price.
  2. ZARIM

    The Best 100 $ IEMs

    The Turbine, Sony EX600, JVC FXD80 are great for these genres music and they are quite detailed without being bassy(only Turbine having very punchier bass but it still detailed). BTW if you can find Klipsch Image X5, UE TF10Pro for that price and they are amazing sounding, both offers punchy...
  3. ZARIM

    Earphone recommendations similar to Triple Fi 10vi?

    The RE272 are very good sounding(very detailed, wide soundstage, balanced)and they are better pick if need close soundsignature to TF10Pro without being bassy. The balanced sounding IEMs like EX1000, GR07, ATH-CK100Pro are great sounding IEMs.
  4. ZARIM

    What amp should I buy?

    The E11 is pretty good for the price but JDS labs C421 are amazing for the price.
  5. ZARIM

    new headphone from shure or westone

    Usualy at CES every year news spread if they anounce to release new model with more drivers but so far no news this year at all. The Heir Audio released 5 drivers BA universal IEMs and maybe soon others will follow that.
  6. ZARIM

    In Ear What do you recommend with puncy bass? (cost less than 50)

    The Sony XB60EX, JVC FX3X, Turbine are pretty good for the price and they offers rich bass experience with good mids, highs.
  7. ZARIM

    Best IEM for contemporary orchestral and 1950/1960 jazz ?

    Quote: If you want instruments sound so natural and dynamic then JVC FX700 are highly recommended because it uses wood housing and it add warmth and texture which help instruments to sound so natural and dynamic. It has very deep reverbing bass, bright extended highs and wider soundstage...
  8. ZARIM

    Amazing IEM's for the smallest price

    The Sony EX300, JVC FXC50, Philips SHE3590 are pretty good for the price and they produce good punchy bass and extended bright highs, overall they are very fun and good sounding for the price.
  9. ZARIM

    Looking for iems with a LOT of bass for under $350

    The Denon C300 has most powerfull bass i have ever heard on IEMs include more than UE SF5EB, JVC FX700, FXZ200, MTP Gold and IE8. Denon C300 has large dual dynamic drivers(earpiece is bigger than most dynamic drivers IEMs) and they produce very powerfull bass and crisp clear, mids, highs even...
  10. ZARIM

    portable onear that hits harder than m80 and s500? maybe vektr or dna?

    The Ultrasone closed headphones like Pro900 are very good if need deep reverbing punchy bass(more than M80) and they comes with S-Logic technology which makes music more like surround sund(huge surround sound soundstage) and they offers very good instruments separation.
  11. ZARIM

    Help Choosing Portable Music Player

    Quote: Then i wil recommend to buy Cowon X7, X9 or Andriod based DAPs like Samsung Galaxy 5.2, 4.2, Sony Z sereis walkman and download sound enhanced APPs like Neutron Player and you will have amazing soundquality MP3 player which willbe much better than iPhone 4s.
  12. ZARIM

    IEM hunting

    The JVC FXD80, TF10Pro, Klipsch Image X10 are balanced yet bassy and fit for almost all genres music.
  13. ZARIM

    New IEM's (Budget $150ish)

    The GR07 are pretty good sounding  for the price and bass is punchy dynamic on these. Others IEMs are like TF10Pro, Sony XB90EX, JVC FXZ100, FXZ200 and Westone UM2 are bassy yet detailed for instrumental music.
  14. ZARIM

    Best for gym / physical activity:

    If need better isoaltion then Etymotic HF5, HF3, Yamaha EPH100, JVC FXD80 are pretty good for $100+ budget.
  15. ZARIM

    Absolute greatest soundstage and imaging for competitive gaming under $350?

    The DT990, Pro2900 are amazing for imaging alone and offers great sopundquality.
  16. ZARIM

    GR07 vs Beats Solo HD

    To me Solo HD are not that bassheavy and compare to GR07 MK1 bass, they(GR07) are pretty good punchy bassier IEMs with higher resolution soundquality and fairly wide soundstage which is comparable to HD Solo. But overall GR07 are better sounding with dynamic pounchy bass and soundsignature is...
  17. ZARIM

    Custom in ears, does more drivers mean better sound quality???

    IMO more drivers mean better frequency response, more soundstage, more bass, better imaging and higher resolution sound quality. It is hard for one BA driver to tune offers all like Etymotic ER4P/S are very high resolution sounding IEMs but when compared to multidrivers BA IEMs then small...
  18. ZARIM

    Choice between Vsonic and JVC for an affordable IEM

    I think if you raise your budget bit then Yamaha EPH100 are excelent buy for there better noise isolation than most dynamic IEMs with good punchy bass, great wide soundstage and imaging, instruments separation and very detailed in mids, highs. But from the above list JVC FX3X are great buy...
  19. ZARIM

    UE 900 detail but with more bass

    I think if you add AMPs and ALO 18AWG Pure Cryo or CXS cable in chain then any IEMs can sound more fuller with better bass response.
  20. ZARIM

    Custom with ER4 treble and a little more bass?

    The custom IEMs like Miracle, UERM and JH16Pro offers extended highs like ER4 but JH16Pro ibass is heavy compared to others and all have more bass than ER4 with wider soundstage.
  21. ZARIM

    IEM that is balanced but fun?

    The Sony EX1000 are balanced yet fun to listen because it's dynamic sounding with rich details showing in mids ,highs, good punchy bass and wide soundstage. The others IEMs which are balanced yet fun sounding are like UE TF10Pro, JVC FX700, SM3, Westone 3 and UM3x. BTW CK100Pro willbe good match...
  22. ZARIM

    Which is your favorite "closed can" Over-the-Ear headphones

    The Denon D2000 (punchy bass ,very detailed and improve with AMPing, fun to lsten), D600, Momentum and Signature Pro sound great for portable and home use.
  23. ZARIM

    [ Need help finding new IEMs ] (bass of IE800 and high of mini Darts)

    The JVC FX700 offers deep reverbing bass,crisp clear mids, and clean extended highs with wider soundstage and overall sound warm, rich and very detailed.
  24. ZARIM

    Looking for an upgrade to my Klipsch x10s...50th birthday present?

    The JVC FX700 share some similiraties in term of soundsignature to X10 like both are wam and FX700 offers deeper heavier bass which reverb like subwoofers, very detailed mids but not forward and extended highs( more detailed than X10) and wider soundstage, natural instruments sound so good on...
  25. ZARIM

    New IEM, hard choice

    The JVC FX700 offers realy deep clean bass which reverb like fullsize subwoofers, highs are extended on these with great midrange details but they suffer same as on IE8( on both IEMs they are not forwards but behind bass and highs, FX700 mids are mored detailed) and it offers wide soundstage not...