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    HD650 vs HD598 vs HD600?

    Thanks for the quick response! Would it be necessary to purchase something extra to connect them or should everything needed be included? again forgive the noobish questions lol

    HD650 vs HD598 vs HD600?

    hey everybody thanks for the recommendations I think I'm actually gonna get the 650's just because right now I can get a really good deal on them. In addition I think ill probably buy a used Asgard. Does anybody know if I could the use the Asgard as an amp with the e17 functioning as the DAC...

    HD650 vs HD598 vs HD600?

    Hey everybody Im a total noob when it comes to high end headphones seeing as how I've only ever used my m50's ampless but recently I decided to upgrade. I actually purchased both a fiio e17 and q701 but I returned the q701 because I felt that the vocals were too distant maybe too thin? Im not...
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