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  1. Bizzel

    Securing an LED to metal panel

    I have a front panel with 3 pre-drilled mounting holes for LEDs. They fit perfectly but are only held in by friction and I'd like to stick a dab of some adhesive / sealant around the base to ensure they can't be pushed in if pressure is applied from the front.   The panel is regular old...
  2. Bizzel

    Transformer Wiring Query (Dual Secondaries)

    It's the moment of truth for my Sigma22 power supply, except I can't figure out the blasted wiring from the transformer. It's a dual secondary toroid (2x 0-18v) with a black/white pair of wires from one secondary and a red/yellow pair from the other. The S22 has a four-way terminal block for...
  3. Bizzel

    Ebay Help - Does this look fishy to you?

    Hi all, I put my iPad up on eBay to raise some funds and I listed it at a good buy-it-now price of £325. Now I expected it to sell quickly but it's sold within 6 minutes to a member with zero feedback which I find a little suspicious. In fairness they have provided a shipping address within the...
  4. Bizzel

    How's this multimeter for a first-timer?

    I'm looking at getting a reasonably decent multimeter to help with my Dynamid construction project; I keep borrowing a cheap DMM from the university here but I'd like one of my own. This one ( I found has hFE measuring...
  5. Bizzel

    Rear Mounting XLR Jacks

    I've got a set of Neutrik XLR jacks that I need to mount on the back panel of my amp-to-be and I'd like them to be as unobtrusive as possible when mounted.   I notice that the HeadAmp GS-X has its XLR inputs (far left on the first image) mounted behind the panel so that only the minimum area...
  6. Bizzel

    Help a student with research, bask in self-satisfaction!

    As we roll firmly into Autumn it's the time of year when students across the UK are drinking heavily working hard on their dissertation research. My research this year is on drawing applications that work in true 3D (think cinema style on a small scale) and the user interfaces that we use to...
  7. Bizzel

    Toroid: 2x18v or 18-0-18?

    I'm lost as to what the difference is between these two specs. Both indicate dual secondaries as far as I'm aware so what's the catch?
  8. Bizzel

    How does my Dynalo BOM look?

    I'm hoping someone could take a quick look over these two orders that I'm about to place on Mouser/Farnell. These are the last of the parts I need and I had to make some substitutions with the caps and LEDs - just seeking some reassurance that everything looks within spec when compared with the...
  9. Bizzel

    Durham Head-Fi'ers?

    I've just moved into university digs in Durham and today I saw a guy wearing SR60s or maybe SR80s on the science campus just outside the main library. Are there any other head-fi folk in the city? We'd only need about 10 people to set up EarSoc or something similar!
  10. Bizzel

    Stand for Benchmark DAC1

    I've been looking around for a little stand to perch my DAC1 on, something like you'd get for a mini hi-fi setup, but I haven't had any luck so far. I'm not looking to spend a whole lot, and it doesn't have to be specially made for audio gear, just a few inches tall. Anyone seen something...
  11. Bizzel

    Urgent query: Worth Upgrading?

    I'll be buying one of Alex's V3 cables in the next couple of days and I was wondering if it would be worth upgrading the stock Neutrik XLR plugs to Furutech FP701M. Do you think there'd be an appreciable difference? I'm inclined to think not but I'm open to opinions and I'd hate to get a great...
  12. Bizzel

    Worth going for 24 bit FLACs?

    My Squeezebox is currently hooked up to my DAC1. The SB can output 44.1khz and 48khz over digital coax. Anything else going into the Squeezebox is first downsampled to 48khz by SlimServer. The DAC1 then upsamples the audio from the Squeezebox to 192khz. Is it worth me getting any of the Linn...
  13. Bizzel

    What are you doing for valentine's day?

    Singletons, girlfriends and boyfriends, married couples, what are your plans for valentine's this year? Are you going to tell that special someone how you feel, drown your sorrows or just go out and have a good time?
  14. Bizzel

    Re-foaming HD650s

    Quick question: how easy is it to reverse the de-foaming mod (just the inside foam, not the foam under the grilles)? If it's fully reversible I'll give this a shot later on.
  15. Bizzel

    Wow! Tube Motherboard!

    Apparently it's an old model but I've never seen anything like this before - an AOpen motherboard with a tube output stage for the audio. It's not as cool as a whole motherboard worth of tubes but nonetheless awesome. The reviewer seemed pretty impressed with the sound quality.
  16. Bizzel

    My bundled ICs sound better!

    Believe me, my wallet hates that! I can't deny though that the free, 15 year old ICs that I have lying around sound better than my Cambridge Audios. With the Cambridge ICs there's more bass but it's bloated and uncontrolled, the stock ICs sound much sharper and cleaner. Neither is bad but if I...
  17. Bizzel

    Stuff like Jean Michel Jarre?

    Just picked up Aero and I love it to bits! What other artists have a similar sound? I'm desperate to pick up some more!
  18. Bizzel

    Worst Headphone Flops!

    I'd like to know what you all think are the worst headphones made by brands normally associated with good quality gear. I'm not looking for "HD201s are awful because they can't match 650s" but for headphones that sound bad, even if their price is taken into account. I'll start by saying the...
  19. Bizzel

    Bizzel's 500 post giveaway [WINNER]

    It's been almost a year since I stumbled blindly into the world of hi-fi. I don't even remember how I found Head-Fi but find it I did! Thanks to the kindness and knowledge of many, many people here I'm well on my way to building a rig that will keep me satisfied for a long time to come (yeah...
  20. Bizzel

    Aaargh! Broadband driving me insane!

    I've had it with broadband in this country! We've had 3 engineers out to look at our phone line and they've swapped cables around, repaired boxes and dug up the road - the line quality is still being reported as awful by the modem. I'm not even that far from the exchange. Next door gets 3x the...
  21. Bizzel

    Where are you going?

    I've long dreamed of living abroad, especially in Canada or France. Partly because of cheaper living costs but mostly because they're such beautiful countries compared to the UK (IMHO). Do you plan to emigrate and, if so, where will you go?
  22. Bizzel

    Random pops and clicks when nothing's playing!

    I'm guessing they're caused by a dirty power supply, so my question is, would a surge protector be enough to filter these out or will I need more expensive equipment? Thanks.
  23. Bizzel

    BT customer support experiences

    Perhaps I'm just very lucky but I've been pleasantly surprised these past two weeks by BT (that's British Telecom, if you're not from Blighty) and their customer support. My phone line has been very noisy and my broadband speeds are through the floor. Their first engineer was very friendly...
  24. Bizzel

    Why do we have toes?

    Jesus! I just stubbed my toes on a set of 10kg weights. Why do we even have toes? It seems their only purpose is to get banged against things.
  25. Bizzel

    Launching a "mastering ratings" website...

    Okay, so this thread is more of an interest check than an announcement. I'm often hesitant to buy a CD without doing some prior research because, like a lot of people here, I only want to buy well-mastered, good quality music. Wouldn't it be nice to have a website that lets you research the...