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  1. colonelkernel8

    iPhone 7 severe issue with MFi DACs

    Here is the issue that I've confirmed with 2 different MFi DAC/Amps, the Sony PHA-1A and the Creative Sound Blaster E5. It seems like samples are dropping or something, because I'm getting clicks and pops with the PHA-1A and with the E5 I'll get some severe distortion artifacts (presumably...
  2. colonelkernel8

    PSU for Dynalo

    A couple years back I built this Dynalo:       I was using an off the shelf open frame PSU to provide the +/- 15VDC @ ~1A to power the unit. Unfortunately, that power supply was damaged and no longer functions (it was also pretty unsightly as I didn't have it enclosed). I'm curious if anyone...
  3. colonelkernel8

    HK receiver from

    I am considering purchasing a Harman Kardon receiver from this website under the "Specials" section. All the units are listed as "remanufactured". Does this mean they were returned, non-working units that were refurbished or returned units that worked fine, but were just returned and repackaged...
  4. colonelkernel8

    Good (low cost) home theater speakers?

    Next semester I will be converting a dorm room into an entertainment room and I need some advice on the 5.1 system that I will be putting in. I will be building a 5 channel amp (and buying a surround processor) so ideally, the subwoofer is active, if not, it is still fine as I can just build a...
  5. colonelkernel8

    Anyone have a Dynalo Rev. C board?

    If you do, I'd like to buy it from you. Dan is MIA, hasn't posted here in over a year and doesn't respond to e-mails. Also, if you have any of the JFET's for the Dynalo (2SK109BL and 2SK389BL), I'll buy those too. I also have this in the FS forums but I figured I should post here too since...
  6. colonelkernel8

    Welcome to College

    Well, I have arrived at college now, sort of (at a hotel, move in tomorrow). It is kind of nerve wracking for me (and im sure most others) especially if you are going to be way out of town (I am about 700 miles from home). I also just realized that it will be impossible to post my dorm setup as...
  7. colonelkernel8

    Solder Smoke, Unhealthy?

    Yes, I want to know, my nose kind of hurts and I just spent the past 3 hours soldering the Millett Max.
  8. colonelkernel8

    Movie: Sunshine (May be Spoilers)

    Saw this yesterday. I thought it was another great movie from Danny Boyle, he's quickly becoming one of my favorites. I'm glad the plot wasn't ridiculously unbelievable and far fetched. Anyone else care to share?
  9. colonelkernel8

    Speaker Amp

    So, I've been doing some research on DIY speaker amps for my upcoming Frugal-Horn build, and I have thought about the following: First Watt F1, F2, or F3, Krell clone, Aleph <something>. Anyone have some ideas? I'd like to build something with a board available. I hate air wiring and I don't...
  10. colonelkernel8

    Entech Mod Thread

    If you are like me, you want to modify the hell out of your Entech DAC. I started this thread so we can spread ideas of good modifications for the Entech 203.2 or 205.2. I'll start by posting my tentative v1 of my Entech 203.2 Bill of Materials so parts upgrades are easier. If you can, please...
  11. colonelkernel8

    Ponder this...

    Here is a thread dedicated to life's most ponder-worthy questions. Post your questions and offer any answers as well. I'll go first. If you stand on the South Pole, do you get dizzy?
  12. colonelkernel8

    Custom Pimeta Case *pics*

    Well, today, after a revelation I had this morning, I began work on a custom Wooden case for my Pimeta, Tread, and Toroid. It will be made out of 100% solid Cedar Heartwood. So far I have the edges cut to size as well as the bottom glued. The top will be transparent Makrolon polycarbonate...
  13. colonelkernel8

    Anyone have a Knob I can buy?

    Hey, I just finished my pimeta yesterday and the only part I dont have is a knob, I'd like a relatively small aluminum knob that will fit the Alps RK27, if you have one you can part with, ill buy it for $7 shipped. Also: I need a couple (2) screws that come with Hammond cases. Thanks in...
  14. colonelkernel8

    Recabling HD595's, Heatshrink

    Well, I have nearly completed my HD595 cable which consists of 4 24awg silver plated copper in teflon strands braided, sheathed in carbon techflex and terminated with a Cardas GRQ S S 1/4" plug. Problem is, I dont have all the right heatshrink to finish the job, and I dont have any places nearby...
  15. colonelkernel8

    Discovery: Cleaning Flux off PCBs

    Well, I recently discovered the best way to clean PCB boards if you do not have access to the 99% pure alcohol that tangent recommends. All you need is drugstore grade 80%-90% alcohol and ammonia (the stuff for cleaning). Just follow tangents recommendation with using the alcohol and the tooth...
  16. colonelkernel8

    Volume Knob for Alps RK27

    Hello, I am currently (re)building Hydrocity's pimeta to meet my strict code of quality (yes, I am a perfectionist). I need a volume knob, something clean looking, preferably aluminum or some metal. Somewhat midsized and it can be silver or black. If you have a knob that meets these...
  17. colonelkernel8

    Canada Post is a joke

    Id just like to thank Canada Post for being the most worthless shipping service to grace this planet. So RedLeader ships me his HD595s from Canada in return for my Denon. I shipped with UPS and he shipped with Canada Post. He shipped his out on the 9th and I shipped mine out on the 10th. He has...
  18. colonelkernel8

    Help me Out - Semi Giveaway

    Hello folks. I need a little help. It seems using UPS on Paypal is a pain because just now I realized I am exactly 18.37 in debt because of the delayed UPS fee that I thought I had payed already. Anyway, long story short, can anyone lend me exactly 18.37 (I guess a little more because of the...
  19. colonelkernel8

    Power Cable Connectors

    I am making a cable to connect my Dedicated Tread PSU to my Pimeta. What kind of connector/jacks should I use? I was looking at using Neutrik's Speakon loudspeaker connectors, but I need to by from someplace(body) that accepts Paypal. If you can help me out, awesome.
  20. colonelkernel8

    I am an idiot, RIP HD595's

    After a blind rage, a lot of stupid rash decisions, and a terrible sick sensation, I ruined my 595's, and as a part of my string of rash decisions, ruined them further by completely parting them out with some crazy irrational plan to sell it for parts and scrounge together money to buy another...
  21. colonelkernel8

    eBay Components

    Here are a few eBay sellers that can hook you up with electronic components on the cheap. West Florida Components Techno Star C4 Parts Electro Fashion John's Silver Teflon Wire Shop Enjoy!
  22. colonelkernel8

    Giveaway Madness

    Man, all the great giveaways are amazing guys. Everyone is so generous! I hope that with all the opportunities, I might have the chance at getting something. Sigh, I never win anything (head-fi or elsewhere).
  23. colonelkernel8

    Mods, please remove.

    Thread removed at Mr. Kwak's request.
  24. colonelkernel8

    Need a simple power supply

    Hello guys, I want to build a standalone power supply for my kwak clock that will fit in my CD player, so it needs to be relatively small. It needs 12v output. Can anyone hook me up with a cheap design that has a PCB available? Or can someone just send me a PCB? Thanks.