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  1. bixby

    2016 CanJam RMAF Impressions - Denver

    Post your impressions here, now that the show has begun!
  2. bixby

    2016 Boulder/Denver CO Winter Meet (1/23) Impressions Thread

    Thanks again to ASR for organizing the event.  I was able to stop by and listen for a very short time.  Great to see all the old and new faces.   To Arteom, ASR and Einstein? :  The 400S you heard were not stock, they did have the Focus A pads, which I feel make them a lot more extended in the...
  3. bixby

    Circumaural Headphone Cup Sizing Thread and the Tacophone Effect

    I noted in a post in Macedonian Hero's mega thread on closed portable type headphones that I would start a thread in order to help folks that were contemplating purchase of a pair of closed circumaural portable headphones.  Many potential buyers like "on the ears" or supra-aural headphones and...
  4. bixby

    Beyer DT-880 -600 ohm & Sennheiser HD-600 - Need to audition - Anyone own in Denver?

    I have heard lots of headphones at meets yet two that are on my short list I have not.  I am looking to upgrade from Shure 840s for dedicated desktop system with SPL Phonitor and good dac.  I have heard the Beyer 880s at RMAF but they were 32 ohm I believe.  A bit bright but the most pleasing...
  5. bixby

    Need CMoy Opamp recommendation

    I know you see hundreds of which opamp posts and I have read lots of them,  but I need some specific advice.     I have a JDS Labs Cmoy ver 2.02 with two TLE2426 rail splitters and gain set to 3.  I plan to use my Westone UMX-3 with the single 9 volt battery and want to try an opamp that is...
  6. bixby

    KingRex UC-192 USB / Spdif Bridge Review

      KingRex UC-192 Review   What is it?   The KingRex UC-192 is a USBBridge.  Made in Taiwan by KingRex Technology Co., the Bridge is externally powered by a wall wart power supply and includes a 5 foot USB 2.0 hi-speed USB cable.  Input to the bridge is via USB with SPDIF output via coax...
  7. bixby

    New T-Mobile Smartphone Recommendation needed

    I am selling my HTC HD2 and need some ideas for a new smartphone for T-Mobile.  Must have good webkit based browser or the ability to load good browser.  Also need 3g and want to tether natively to a mac.   Looking at Blackberry 9700, Nokia E73, HTC 3g mytouch slide, and Moto Clic XT.  ...
  8. bixby

    Better Sound for Mac Users- Pure Music Player

    I just wanted to let folks know that there is a new music player for Mac users that is better than itunes for playback (in my opinion) on high quality systems. I found out about it from another forum and have been playing with the demo for several days now. I like the sound quality a lot...
  9. bixby

    Need help with Patchmix and E-mu 1212

    I need some help. While I can listen to audio with the E-mu 1212m in my pc, I want to run my Apple tv optical into the card and use the 1212 dac to decode; then out the analog outputs on the 1212m. Can someone help me with the setup? I am afraid I am not versed in pro audio mixing and have no...
  10. bixby

    Can a fellow headfier Help repair my LOD?

    I have a LOD that I fell on while hiking and crunched the ipod connector. Of course now I don't get sound unless I twist it all sorts of ways. I kind of want to keep it since it has Jena wire and sounds pretty good. Can a helpful Headfier help repair this LOD for me? I am pretty sure the whole...
  11. bixby

    Help ID this song

    Can someone help me identify this cut? Is it a commercial release? YouTube - Bikery 3
  12. bixby

    Need upgrade rec from Denon C751s

    I am beginning to feel the need to upgrade from my Denon C-751. I like them but the upper mids or lower treble seems a bit too forward. They are certainly fairly dynamic and sound better than some highly recommended full size headphones. I listen to these phones with my Gigabeat T-400 which is...
  13. bixby

    Any sealed cans better than AT-ATH900? AKG, Beyer?

    I own the Audio Technica AT- ATH900 cans and use them primarily when traveling with my Ipod and Evanescu Amp. Much better detail and balance than my Senn HD 280 Pros, and not that much more geeky looking. My challenge is to identify a pair of headphones that are not too much more money, if at...
  14. bixby

    Need Ipod amp recs, have Grado but .........

    I have an ipod 20 GB gen 4 which I use with lossless mode songs. I purchased Senn PX-100 after reading info here which was very helpful. All in all I am impressed with the combo and even on airplanes it works fairly well . I just need a bit more volume as the ipod amp section will clip if run...