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    Transformer 120v to 100 v (USA to Japan)

    I need recommendations for a good transformer to convert 120v to 100v for a Stax SRM007TA I am considering. If no transformers will do the job, anyone know how to rewire the amp for USA voltage?
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    SunFest anyone?

    Sunfest, anyone? Lineup is still in the works, I'm semi interested at the moment. SunFest 2009 - Where Music Meets The Waterfront. April 29 - May 3, 2009. West Palm Beach, FL
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    Can someone give me the dimensions for the following boxes:

    I am looking to have some custom-made wooden boxes for my headphones. I will soon be receiving an HD-600 and a Grado RS1. A friend of mine is willing to take up this project (I will pay, of course), but he needs some measurements (not exact, just an idea) so he can give me a quote. Since...
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    I feel a deep void within my soul...

    I just sold my first ever Alessandro MS1. I had sold a pair before, but I just sold the first head-fi investment I had EVER made. My first "hi-fi" can is GONE to a new home! FOREVER! Oh the sadness... I didn't really care about selling the HD555, since I was going to eventually, but my...
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    I was looking for a substitute for a pc... i think i found it.

    I was looking for a substitute to having a complete pc as my source, and was intrigued by other options such as network servers, etc... But I wasn't satisfied. However, I just found out about multimedia drives. Basically, it is a hard drive with some firmware on it that reads all your...
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    Is this feasible: turn an mp3 player into a dedicated pc

    Well, here is a question for all the techies more than the audiophiles, really. But I imagine that in this section of the forums, most users are techies anyway. Here goes my idea, let me know if this is feasible: I have an old iRiver h320. It has a USB connection for transferring music to...
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    Can someone find this s/pdif thing for me?

    EDIT: someone found it for me. Thanks.
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    Interconnect connections inquiry: BNC vs RCA

    I have read many posts and articles stating that only BNC connectors are true 75ohm. If this is the case, why are BNC connectors so scarce, if not to say totally non-existent, in much of the hi-fi equipment? Well, at least from what I have seen, everything has RCA connectors instead. If BNC is...
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    I wish someone would mod this into an amp, or DAC, or both!

    I wish someone would mod this into an amp, or DAC, or both! The sockets for the controllers could be replaced with (gasp!) BALANCED sockets! AAAAAWWWWWWW YEAH! On a related note: NES MP3 Player and Speakers - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog
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    Cable connectors: Crimping vs Soldering

    Advantages and disadvantages. Can someone explain this to me, please?
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    Question about FLAC

    I have never used FLAC before, and I am about to rip my CD collection so I can start using it for playback through my new equipment (no MP3 debates, please). Anyway, what I don't understand is that, if FLAC is lossless, why are there different settings? I just don't understand this. Can...
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    Finally! E.S. Posthumus releases their 2nd album! Woohoo!

    CD Baby: E.S. POSTHUMUS FEATURING LUNA SANS: Cartographer Received an email fro CDbaby announcing the new release! Can't wait to get my hands on this! However, I do have one gripe: I hadn't visited CDbaby for some time now, and their website has undergone a serious makeover, major one...
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    Unofficial Pico Color Combinations Reference Thread

    Alright guys, too much speculation! Enough is enough I say! Still undecided as to what color scheme you want for your Pico? Can't make up your mind? Here are all the possibilities: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Choose wisely or I'll cut you. Note: I used Iron Dreamer's Pico for...
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    "HL2:Portal" lovers, check this out:

    This is too beautiful for words! | The Weighted Companion PC - Introduction and Corners
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    I've never been one to fall for marketing but...

    As of late I have found myself clicking on the sponsor banners... a LOT. I haven't bought anything yet, but I spend a great deal of time looking at mini-to-mini interconnects. And I wonder why anyone would pay over $40 for a darn cable.... ...and then my wallet looks so fat and pretty on...
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    Noob to dedicated sources here, sorry! Have patience

    I think the weakest link right now is my source, and that I need to upgrade it. As far as cans go, I have an HD555, an HD580 that I just recently acquired, an MS1, and am looking into purchasing an MS2. As far as amps, I have a GoVibe V5 but I think I will get a Pico because of the portable...
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    I got caught dancing while at work

    Last week I was listening to some Best of Benny Benassi while at work, and I just couldn't help but do some moves while sitting on my chair. I got caught. There was a small crowd standing behind me... Needless to say hilarity ensued. I paused the music and apologized for getting...
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    The sickness is spreading.

    Alright, so in my collection I have V-Moda Vibes, MS1's, HD555's, and recently-acquired HD580's. And I want to try out other brands. Before you go crazy recommending stuff, though. I have some comments. I LOVE the MS1's, and was wondering if it would be better to upgrade to MS2i or...
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    Vacuum Tube Car Stereo

    Panasonic CQ-TX5500D Vacuum Tube Car Stereo | Uncrate Discuss
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    Please name bands that sound like this!

    I must have more music that combines metal with Andes flutes or something like that... Click on the link for a small cut version of what I mean, please: Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem! If anything, just some awesome sounding Andes-style...
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    Which version of "The Planets" should I purchase? Holst: The Planets: Music: Gustav Holst,John Williams,Zubin Mehta,Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra or Gustav Holst: The Planets, Op 32: Music: Gustav Holst,André Previn,Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
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    I have found the perfect woman

    Well, she is truly gorgeous and a pleasure to talk to, but that is not the point I was trying to make. The real point is this: Guys, SHE APPROVES OF MY AUDIO TECH TOYS! Well, not at first. But once I got her to sit down and try out a simple setup, which is the H320 with the HD555, she was...
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    Avantasia Awesomeness

    Words cannot describe how awesome I find Avantasia's metal operas (both I and II)! Holy $#!$% ^%*HG &#$GC&^!!! Time to rip these babies. Sorry, I just had to share that with somebody. EDIT: I just realized I should have used the search feature to see if there were other threads, but I...
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    Closed Can <$100: I have narrowed it down to these two

    AKG K81DJ or Sennheiser HD280 PRO. The K81DJ is a bit cheaper and also looks nicer, but it seems the HD280 Pro is better ("seems") sound-wise. The HD280 Pro also comes in a silver version, so it can gain a little on the looks department if I shell out an extra $15 or so. Anyway, between...
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    John Petrucci Psycho Exercises

    Exercise 1: Exercise 2: Exercise 3: Exercise 4: