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  1. wmischke

    Digital Coaxial vs. AUX question

    I have a Fiio M11 Pro, which has a digital coaxial output. If I want to connect it to the RCA inputs on my active bookshelf speakers, I am wondering if there is any benefit to using the digital coaxial output, over simply plugging an AUX to RCA cord into the 3.5mm headphone jack. I hope my...
  2. wmischke

    Question re: iFi Zen DAC and 4.4 balanced out

    I have a Zen DAC that sits on my desk. I use it as a DAC/amp for wearing headphones, and also as a DAC in between my laptop and a pair of active speakers (Edifier 1700). I run a RCA cable from the outputs on the Zen to the inputs on the speakers. I was just wondering about the 4.4mm balanced...