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  1. gLer

    HiBy R5 Gen 2 - Class A headamp, Dual ES9219C, 35h playtime, MQA 16x, open Android

    Hey guys, in two weeks' time HiBy will officially launch their next-generation mid-fi DAP, the R5 Gen 2. As always with HiBy, they're breaking new ground with trickle-down (and in this case, unique) technology for the price tier. The R5 Gen 2, as far as I'm aware, will be the first DAP in its...
  2. gLer

    HiBy RS6 Android DAP - Snapdragon 660, 4+64GB, 5” full HD, Darwin R2R, FIR, NOS, MQA 16x, copper chassis

    Greetings Head-Fi! The arrival of HiBy's next-generation Hi-Res Android Player, the RS6, is just around the corner. This thread will feature the latest information about the all-new 'Darwin' architecture, along with anything else we learn about the player before its official release. It will...
  3. gLer

    Sony WF-1000XM4 Impressions Thread

    Welcome Head-Fiers! So, Sony dropped its new flagship Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless IEM yesterday, the WF-1000XM4, and since it's also going to be my very first TWS IEM, I figured I'd kick off the official impressions thread on Head-Fi. You can get all the details about the WF-1000XM4...