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  1. oneguy

    Jade II Discussion

    Thread started to carry the torch on the Hifiman Jade II discussion. Initial cost set at $2,500 and includes amp and headphones.
  2. oneguy

    Holo Audio May DAC Speculation

    With 2018 around the corner I wanted to start a thread on the upcoming May DAC by Holo Audio. I have condensed a few pieces of information that I have found on this forum into a single post to make it easy to reference and hopefully to gather more to fill in the holes and to offer suggestions to...
  3. oneguy

    Plano Gun Case

    Amazon has a great deal on their Plano gun case. $45 shipped to your door and can fit 2 full size cans in a waterproof and dustproof enclosure.     Here is a link to the write up I did when I first bought the...
  4. oneguy

    AntiCables Level 3.1 Reference Series USB Cable

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these cables? I am thinking of giving them a try for the 30 day trail when I get back from work/vacation in early October. They claim:    Outperforms the highly acclaimed Light Harmonics "Lightspeed USB Cable" at 1/5 the price Easily...