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  1. SenyorC

    Koss KEB90 (Utility Series)

    I haven't found anything about these here on Head-Fi, so I thought I would start this thread to share my impressions and maybe get some input from others. I recently reviewed the Koss KPH40, from the new Utility Series from Koss, and mentioned that they had also sent me the KEB90, a set of...
  2. SenyorC

    What is the closed back equivalent of the HD600?

    It seems that the HD600 is a headphone that goes through everyones hands at some point, with the majoirty of people praising it. I am (unfortunately) limited to closed back headphones (shared office and young baby at home). What would you consider to be the HD600 of closed backs?
  3. SenyorC

    Suggestions on cheap desk DAC to pair with P20

    For my desk at work I am currently using a Topping NX4 DSD to run some Beyerdynamic Custom Studio headphones (80Ohm). I am happy with this combination, however... I just ordered a Loxjie P20 that was on offer to give it a try and would like a desktop DAC to pair with it. I will still keep the...