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  1. gavinfabl

    Soundpeats Q32 Bluetooth 5 Wireless Earphones

    I’ve been looking around for a low cost Bluetooth wire free wireless earphone for when I’m out walking my dogs. Wires can get in the way. I didn’t want anything expensive, and noticed the Q32 were one of the cheaper options and had Bluetooth 5, which I thought would pair nicely with my Samsung...
  2. gavinfabl

    Bluetooth Headphones with the new APT-X HD

    I am quite surprised there isn't a thread yet for the new APT-X HD codec from Qualcomm covering the new Bluetooth headphones. So I started one and will maintain as best as I can. This started after I had a pair of Samsung Level One Pro headphones which features Samsung's own Hi Res standard...
  3. gavinfabl

    Tough question - full size, efficient, extreme comfort and more specifics - please help me with your thoughts

    Ok, here goes. After several years of trying and owning so many bloody headphones I am getting to a point where I think I know what I like. I owned a bunch of headphones as follows - - jvc ha-fxz200, denon ah-c751s, Sennheiser HD558, 600, 202ii, px200 IIi, sony mdrex91, ath-ad900x, Sennheiser...
  4. gavinfabl

    Help with on ear or over ear portable headphone - going bald with in decisions

    The story so far. My home setup is a Musical Fidelity V-DAC and V-PSU connecting optically from my MacBook using mp3 at 320 bit rate. Apple Universal Dock for my iPhone 4S. Both connect to a Little Dot MKIV tube amp, powering Beyer DT880 Premium 600 ohm. Perfect setup for me. Makes most music...
  5. gavinfabl

    Help with 3 DAC options plus digital connection - I need your help

    I have upgraded my current equipment but I am not sure what to get next.   I started with a Fiio E7/E9 combo. Actually got drawn into all this via the Fiio E5. Anyway, I have ordered the Little Dot MKIV headphone amp.   My current headphones are the Fiio FA-003 and I have also just...
  6. gavinfabl

    Plymouth, Exeter or Dartmoor UK Get Together early to mid Jan 2011

    I see there is meets in the Midlands, London, and Brighton but what about the South West of England.   If interest is sufficient, I have 3 ideas. Either holding the venue in Plymouth or Exeter but as a third option in the stunning scenery of Princetown, Dartmoor, UK.    Locallly grown...