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  1. RockStar2005

    Portable DACs WITHOUT Amps

    Are there any portable DAC devices out there that DO NOT have amps included them as well? If so, please post them here. This is for people who have amps already and don't want to have them integrated directly with their DACs, and also for people who own certain headphones by Blue like the...
  2. RockStar2005

    Grado RS2e (w/ G Cushion Over-Ear Upgrade Pads) vs. AKG K702

    After having owned the Grado RS2e (with upgraded "G Cushion" Over-Ear pads............when I mention the RS2e, just know that I am referring to them WITH these pads on, not the smaller On-Ear stock pads they are boxed with), I thought I had come to the conclusion that the incredible "neutral but...
  3. RockStar2005

    2018 Hi-Res 24/96 "Fleetwood Mac" album vs. 2011 Hi-Res 24/96 "Fleetwood Mac" album

    Has anyone who already owns the 2011 Hi-Res 24/96 (or 24/192) FM album listened to the new 2018 Hi-Res remaster of this album? I'd like to know what you think if you have. Is it better? Same? Worse?? I noticed on Dr. Loudness' site that the dynamic range is less on the new 2018 one vs. the...
  4. RockStar2005

    Sony Xperia, USB-C Analog Audio, & DAC Placement

    Looks like there is some clarification and Sony did something RIGHT here with regards to the brand new Sony Xperia XZ2: Additionally, Sony says both the XZ2 and XZ2 will ship with a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. Moreover, unlike Google did with the Pixel 2, Sony has built the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact’s...
  5. RockStar2005

    Bowers & Wilkins P7 (Wired) - Quick Review

    Just purchased the B&W P7 for the second time in 4 years to compare it to my Sennheiser HD1 Over-Ear headphones. After reading several reviews, I noticed a trend that many were saying the P7 sounded better than the Momentum 2.0 or HD1 (which IS the M 2.0, but renamed and with a widened...
  6. RockStar2005

    Hi-Res Albums vs. Mastered for iTunes (or Apple Digital Master) Albums - Which is Better??!

    It's 2017, and Hi-Res albums are getting more and more popular all the time. I've compared them to my mp3s and CDs, and I can say that like 90-95% of the time I can tell a difference (esp vs. mp3). Over the last few years I've accumulated a pretty extensive collection of Hi-Res albums, which has...
  7. RockStar2005

    HTC 10/Headphones/Poweramp/DVC

    Does anyone here who has the HTC 10 AND headphones (not IEMs) AND Poweramp know if when DVC is enabled (under Audio settings) if you ever hear distortion occur? If so, please reply.    Thanks. 
  8. RockStar2005

    Do Headphones That Have Higher Impedance & Lower Sensitivity Ratings Sound Better Than The Opposite??

    I'd like to ask the people of Head-Fi if there is any truth to this, or no? Please make sure to elaborate on your answers with details and specifics.    Thank You!
  9. RockStar2005

    Can I Simply SEE The DSD Files On A Super Audio CD From My PC's CD ROM?

    I'd just like to know.................. if I was to purchase a Hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) like this one, I KNOW it won't play on my CD ROM, but can I at least SEE the files on the CD so that I can move them to my PC and then rip them using dbPoweramp from DSD to like FLAC format? Please let me...
  10. RockStar2005

    Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6 (2nd Generation) vs. Sennheiser HD 598 Cs - A Newer & MORE POWERFUL Sith Lord Emerges??

    **NEWEST UPDATE (8/27/2019): Per the urging of a trusted audiophile friend, I decided to give the Cs another try, this time making sure NOT to use EQ and comparing it to my beloved (and custom EQ'd) Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro. After some back & forth over about a week's time, I came to the...
  11. RockStar2005

    Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine (Hi-Res 24-bit/44.1) Info?

    Has anyone bought this new Hi-Res version of the 1st Rage album? If so, thoughts???
  12. RockStar2005

    HTC 10 vs. Sony Xperia X Performance - DAC/amp sound quality & DAC/amp info

    Has anyone compared these 2 phones side by side for sound quality? Which one sounds better via speakers? Which one sounds better via headphone listening??   I owned the 10 for about a week then a few weeks later got the X Perf, so I didn't have a chance to compare them side by side. If you...
  13. RockStar2005

    AKG K550 MK II vs. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6 (2nd Generation) - A Longstanding Favorite, Dethroned?!

    **Update: I no longer have the H6s. See this review for more information.**   **Note: All music referred to in this review is Hi-Res only.**   The AKG K550 MK II (which is THE SAME SOUNDING as the K550, K551, & K553) have been my favorite pair of headphones for months now, but really for...
  14. RockStar2005

    AKG K550 vs. Bowers & Wilkins P7 - CLARITY & SOUNDSTAGE

    Ok people, once and for all, which headphone do you feel sounds clearer AND has the BIGGER (or wider) soundstage?? The AKG K550 or the Bowers & Wilkins P7?    The K550 has 50mm speaker drivers, while the P7 has 40mm drivers.    I would like to hear ONLY from people who have tried both and...
  15. RockStar2005

    Raising the Bass Level On Your Music vs. Adding More Bass To It In The Recording Studio

    When purchasing say, a new Hi-Res album, I notice sometimes that the bass sounds fuller but equally as important, it's also VERY well-isolated. I assume this is because the recording studio engineers are only adding bass to the low-end frequencies, not to the overall track. Now, when someone is...
  16. RockStar2005

    AKG K553 Pro vs. AKG K550 MK II (and thoughts on the AKG K550 "MK I")

    **Update: I've seen frequency charts of these various headphones, and it appears there is a MINOR difference between the different K55X headphones. But the difference is so small IMO that I believe it to be negligible between each of the headphones in this series. The fact that AKG stated that...
  17. RockStar2005

    Micro USB to portable amp/DAC device issue with Samsung phones

    So I got the S7, and I also own a premium pair of headphones and a portable amp/DAC as well. My headphones are the AKG K553 Pro, and my amp/DAC is the Oppo HA-2. When I connect an OTG micro USB to micro USB (both sides male) cable to the S7 and my HA-2, ALL it does is start charging my HA-2...
  18. RockStar2005

    Sony LDAC on Walkmans vs. Bluetooth 4.2 - Is There An Audible Difference?!

    Has anyone compared the sound quality of Sony's LDAC vs. the current iteration of Bluetooth (4.2)? If so, please share your experiences here. Even if the headphones you used were not Sony's MDR-1ABT, please post here anyway! Mention too what quality of music you used (i.e. mp3, CD-Quality...
  19. RockStar2005

    AKG K553 Pro vs. Master & Dynamic MH40

    I just purchased the very highly-rated Master & Dynamic MH40 (Gunmetal color) wired headphones, in order to see how they stand up to my current and very mighty AKG K553 Pro headphones. The MH40 are considered portable, since they have smaller & oval ear cups and also a detachable cable, where my...
  20. RockStar2005

    Sony LDAC on Walkmans.......will they work with non-Sony Bluetooth Headphones??

    Can anyone verify or confirm that Sony's LDAC codec (found on their Hi-Res Walkmans like the A17 and ZX2) will work on non-Sony wireless Bluetooth headphones?!   Please list the headphones you used to find this out too.    Thanks!!     Update: The answer appears to be no. I tried a...
  21. RockStar2005

    How The Frequency Response Of Your Amp/DAC Affects The Frequency Response Of Your Headpones (Or Doesn't?!)

    So I have the Oppo HA-2 portable amp/DAC, which has a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz, and the AKG K553 Pro headphones, which has a frequency response of 12Hz-28,000Hz. When I listen to music using my K553s and HA-2, and compare the sound I hear (bass, treble, mids) to another pair of...
  22. RockStar2005

    AKG K553 Pro vs. Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Headphones (for Rock music)

    Which one is better for Rock music and why?    Bonus: Does ANYONE know the speaker driver unit size on the HD 380s?? If so, please mention it here as well. 
  23. RockStar2005

    Echobox Explorer X1 High Resolution Audio Player

    Thought this looked cool, so sharing it with all you Head-Fi'ers now.............     See video too at bottom.   Not sure I am ready to go back to earphones just yet, but still, it's pretty...
  24. RockStar2005

    AKG K553 vs. Sony MDR-V6

    Which one is better, and why? You're welcome to discuss all aspects, but please make sure to include sound quality in your posts.    The AKG K553s came out in early May, so I'm sure many of you have these gorgeous headphones already. So let us know what you think! (For those that don't know...
  25. RockStar2005

    Why do so many rich celebrities, music producers, DJs, etc use the Sony MDR-7506/V6 headphones over more expensive ones?

    So I keep hearing/reading that the Sony MDR-7506 and MDR-V6 headphones are like the most popular headphones for rich movie producers/directors, recording studio engineers/producers, DJs, musicians, etc to buy and use. I mean, I've seen pics and vids of several really famous celebrities using...