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  1. Voxata

    Ultrasone Pro 900's...dying?! Help! :(

    I've been smitten by my 900's for years.. and sadly they've started to have an issue. When I first start listening to them my left side will have no bass, no punch.. only after 'blowing' on the speaker will it start to pound. I'm guessing this is because the speaker isn't flexing properly or.. I...
  2. Voxata

    What would be the best cans for me?

        Well, I'm new into the hifi audio world and wow..have I been awakened..and, well I want my mind to be blown with the right pair of headphones. I'm using an Asus Xonar STX soundcard, which has been amazing compared to what I had before it..a $25 dollar pair of USB headphones - Microsoft's...