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  1. mjoleksy

    Get HYPED for Vision Ears' NEW FLAGSHIP releases!

    Listen I respect your opinions, but I have a very different opinion of the weightiness. I wear mine everywhere (see pic from carnival on Thurs). I've never dropped them. They stay on, around my ears or around my neck. I agree with you that weight doesnt equal premium. However, if I spent this...
  2. mjoleksy

    Get HYPED for Vision Ears' NEW FLAGSHIP releases!

    Im in the same bucket. I own the Erlkonig Blacks. How could a successor start at such a lower price point?
  3. mjoleksy

    Get HYPED for Vision Ears' NEW FLAGSHIP releases!

    qq, which cable seemed better? did they give specs?
  4. mjoleksy

    Get HYPED for Vision Ears' NEW FLAGSHIP releases!

    Qq, I agree, they are on the heavy-side. I don’t see any negative in this fact. In fact, I love the weightiness. They seal great and are a top 5 in the world as far as I’m concerned. I actually wrote them an asked them what caused the fact. Just wondering if you saw the heaviness as a...
  5. Anole VX Universal IEM (black ones)

    Buyer pays shipping costs. These are one of the best IEM's I've owned. Covid has caused me to have to feel these. If for some chance you have a Vision Ears Elysium or VE7 (plus cash) for trade, I might entertain. OR I might trade for a HIGH end Cable (Plus cash).
  6. FiiO FH7 5-Drive (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid in-Ear Earphones/Headphones

    FiiO FH7 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Earphones I've listened to these once. Since then, they've been kept in a dry dark IEM case. They are basically brand new. Buyer pays shipping. Trade -- I am looking for a higher end 2 pin IEM cable. Must be name brand and with package. I don't...
  7. mjoleksy

    Get HYPED for Vision Ears' NEW FLAGSHIP releases!

    Wait, are you saying my ErlKonigs are going to be succeeded by IEM's about $1k less in price? Reminding all what a few of our top reviewers wrote about them: If I could have only one IEM and put all my eggs in one basket, I‘d be hard pressed to find a more stunning flagship than the Erlkönig...
  8. mjoleksy

    Confessions of a cable-holic

    Hi, I was wondering if you might chat with me and give me a bit of cable guidance. I’d say I’m an IEM hoarder at this point. I’d like to dive in to cable upgrades on a few. Would you mind messaging me?
  9. mjoleksy

    Comment by 'mjoleksy' in item 'qdc Anole V14'

    Anyone get it yet? Looking for feedback or thoughts!! Mine are on the way.
  10. mjoleksy

    Comment by 'mjoleksy' in item 'qdc DMagic'

    Amazing review. Spot on based on my experience with my Magics!
  11. mjoleksy

    Toranku's Thoughts and Reviews (and target EQ filters!)

    I truly get the most out of this forum vs the other ones on this site. Thanks @toranku. If you're happy to share any info on your other enterprises, maybe we could support you.
  12. mjoleksy

    Unique Melody Bone Conduction Family (MEST&MEXT and their siblings) Announcement and Impression Thread.

    Hi all, I’ve had my MEST for 8 hrs. I’m on the 3rd different tip. I can’t figure them out. Anyone else have this conundrum? Generally I use medium red spin fits for most and foam tips for 2 IEMs. What works for you? Am I doing something wrong to get a seal?
  13. mjoleksy

    crinacle's IEM Ranking List

    Listen, off topic, I’m a QDC fanboy (as you can tell). If you have anything to sell. Message me :wink:
  14. mjoleksy

    My guilty pleasure IEMs/BUDs

    If would be good to 2nd or 3rd or 4th these reviews in some way. Maybe just by replying, mentioning so. If not, Johnny Sillyears could come and say unilaterally that a certain device is sick. Taking with a grain of salt, nice. But a 2nd, 3rd, etc adds weight to the recommendation... Especially...
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    Comment by 'mjoleksy' in item 'Smabat NCO'

    Thanks soo much Baskingshark!! Sorry was under the impression that these we like presale or something. Do you have them? They look cool.
  16. mjoleksy

    Comment by 'mjoleksy' in item 'Smabat NCO'

    Any other info? Price, etc?
  17. mjoleksy

    Comment by 'mjoleksy' in item 'Thieaudio Monarch'

    Anyone compare to Voyager14?
  18. mjoleksy

    Molds for Custom IEM’s

    Hi, I’m based in US. One day I was like, let me call Kumitate Labs and talk them. I’ve heard crazy good things about them. The famous owner Ito-San picked up :) We ended up talking, emailing - talking more, emailing more. I ended up going for the Lakh. It will look something like this...
  19. mjoleksy

    Molds for Custom IEM’s

    In looking to get ear molds done for the first time, I contacted a recommended Audiologist doctor. In addition to making AMAZING ear molds, he taught me quite a bit about the importance of getting it done RIGHT. He said that there are chances that audiologists produce poor molds which lead...
  20. mjoleksy

    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Have a pic? Curious what this looks like. Thanks!! I’m using AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC (Size M) and they are unreal how good the seal and comfort is. I have larger canals and medium works well.
  21. mjoleksy

    CIEM vs UIEM

    Thanks Seyley, like your top 3 or 5 fav CIEMs?
  22. mjoleksy


    Which do you like??