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  1. Velocity

    Should I go for Tubes after all? DT 990.

    For I think 4-5 months ago I bought myselft a pair of DT990. And I was aware of them needing a AMP, and I coulndt get a better price for the Nuforce HDP i came over. I didnt know though that It wasent the best match mixing HDP/ICON with DT990, but I took an advice from here and turned 8khz down...
  2. Velocity

    Need to know if I have the DT-990 600ohm version.

    Well, yesterday i was going to my local Hi-Fi shop to buy a pair of DT 990 600 ohm. But the funny thing was that is wasnt marked on the box wich Ohm version it was, so I asked them if they was really shure it was the 600 ohm version. They opened the box and look around after any confirmation...