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  1. Cmahesh

    Which IEM (under 500$) has best possible noise isolation?

    In addition to listening at home, I also used to listen to music while travelling in public transport. Most of our buses (Indian made) have very noisy engines and also often they play some unpleasant noisy local 'music(?)'. I am using Sennheiser CX 5.00 at present which does a good job in noise...
  2. Cmahesh

    Driving AKG K702 vs Sennheiser HD 598

    I have read in several threads in Head-Fi and other audiophile forums that AKG K702 needs a good powerful amp to drive whereas HD 598 only has a little benefit from a good amp. But comparing specs the impedances are 62 Ohms vs 50 Ohms (only 12 Ohms difference) and sensitivity is 105bB vs 112dB...
  3. Cmahesh

    Upgrading(?) from Sennheiser HD 598 to HD 650.

    At present I am using my HD 598 together with Schiit Modi 2 as DAC and Little Dot 1+ (with Mullard M8161 tube upgrade) as amp. I enjoy the combination very much. I mostly listen to classical music (specially from classical and baroque periods) and on occasions I also listen to oldies (such as...