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  1. Chris J

    The Entry Level Stax Thread

    Hello, The purpose of this thread is to create a resource for anyone who is considering getting into an entry level Stax system. For example: SRS-2020 SRS-2050 SRS-2050 ii SRS-2170 SRS-005S new or used.   This thread differs from the Stax thread in Summit-Fi (High End Forum)...
  2. Chris J

    Oracle Turntable Appreciation Forum

    Any Oracle turntable fans/owners/used to own people out there?   I couldn't find much Oracle Turntable info in Head Fi so I thought I would start a thread for the Oracle fans out there.   I've been using an Oracle Delphi Mark IV for approx. 20 years, still sounds great, still runs like a...
  3. Chris J

    Help! Can someone explain Exile On Main Street to this Rolling Stones Fan?

    Is there a Rolling Stones fan out there who can explain the allure of Exile On Main Street to me? I like a lot of the Rolling Stones output, but for some reason, I just can't get into Exile On Main Street. It just sounds incomplete or unfinished. What am I missing?