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  1. fihidelity

    Cans too Good?

    Hi chaps, I am just starting to save for a new pair of headphones. Initially I was thinking of going for the HD650s but having heard the HD700s for the first time today with the HDVD800 I'm thinking I might sink a bit more money and go for HD700, HE500 or TH600 for example. My current set up...
  2. fihidelity

    Audio Confusion

    I have quite a few basic questions and am a little confused so I thought it might warrant a thread.   Am I right in thinking that CDs rip to 41kHz at 16bit, and If that was the case then what is the point in DACs supporting playback at 96kHz and 24bit or 32bit? Can you get higher than CD...
  3. fihidelity

    Looking for a USB DAC - Sub £100

    So my Magni has arrived in the UK and has been in customs for the past week or two but it's only just occurred to me that my source (Laptop out/Sansa Clip+) will be the limiting factor. Originally I thought it'd be fine to use my Clip+ as a source but I've decided I'll really need a dedicated...
  4. fihidelity

    Budget Amp

    I'm looking for a desktop amp for less than £100 to drive my Senn 439s and BD770 Pros, my Clip+ being the source. So far I've been looking at Schiit Magni, JDS O2 and the Little Dot MkII (or III if it's worth stretching my budget) so could I have some opinions on these and potentially some...
  5. fihidelity

    Cowon J3 or iPod Classic

    Hey guys, I'm struggling to decide between getting a Cowon J3 or an iPod Classic. If anybody could just say which they feel is better from their own experience and why, that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!