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  1. potatochobit

    Is ATH M50x the best headphone under $150?

    first of all, the 990 originally cost a hell of a lot more than the m50x second of all they are open headphones   so a better comparison are the DT770 and then, the performacne and the price are much more similar    EDIT forgot to mention the DT990 and 880 are on sale right now...
  2. potatochobit

    New member from Boston

    hello just remember, headphones are not something people talk about everyday so the forum does move a little slow  I lived on cape cod when I was young but that was over 30 years ago 
  3. potatochobit

    Whats the difference between the ATH AD500/700X and the ADG1X

    Audio technica sells their products in different tiers with two types   the number is the driver and the D means it is an open headphone (people can hear what you are listening to)   so AD500X is open A500X is a closed    700 should have a better driver and 900 should have an even...
  4. potatochobit

    Comfortable closed-back headphones for large ears.

    that's great   I heard Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is comfortable and under 200$ I have not tried them though
  5. potatochobit

    Audio Technica ATH AD700x vs AD900x

    someone told me the drivers were exactly the same, is this true? the 900x is basically the same with upgraded frame?
  6. potatochobit

    Do velour earpads bleed lots of sound?

    hello thanx for the reply these are audio techincas with some HE sometihng velour pads   many people say velour pads retain less heat making them more comfortable because they are breatheable and let air in, I guess they are letting in lots of sound as well I can definitely hear everything...
  7. potatochobit

    Do velour earpads bleed lots of sound?

    I just installed a pair of velour earpads since everyone seems to like them   but now when I wear my closed headphones, I can hear everything going on around me   did I just change my closed headphones into open ones?
  8. potatochobit

    Bassy, Sealed Headphones for Under $35

    if you could increase your budget just a little look at ATH-M30  not sure if they still make them, koss used to be popular these seems to sell well but I never used them Sony MDRZX the superlux are probably good for you too, so either way
  9. potatochobit

    any new recommendations under 200$?

    hi, thanx for the replies yes, I would prefer larger over the ears   the A900X seems to be discontinued so I will keep an eye out on a deal for the used ones linked in this thread   if I buy a used pair, how should I clean the ear pads?
  10. potatochobit

    any new recommendations under 200$?

    ah, my fault no professional audio mixing work is just regular stuff, photoshop, indesign, final cut, audacity, etc.   mostly it will be hooked up to a PC sound card I have an older striker right now and may get a claro if needed I used to run the pc through a home theater receiver first...
  11. potatochobit

    any new recommendations under 200$?

    Hello I have been around the forums for many years but this is my first time posting I was wondering if there was anything new under 200$ I should consider?   I currently have an older model audio technica, 700s I think I have changed out  parts and soldered in a new cable but now the main...