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  1. oneeyedhobbit

    "Auto-Pause" in Firefox 2.0

    Does anyone know if there is some kind of "auto-pause" feature in FF 2.0? I found--viz. Stumble Upon--a page with a "100 Best Covers" list and some sound samples/you tube clips. It wasn't doing it last night, but for some reason if that tab or FF isn't the focus, it is automatically pausing the...
  2. oneeyedhobbit

    Firewire for iPod?

    So I mentioned a way back that I was planning on purchasing an iPod, and was now going to bring that goal to fruition. However, I'm unclear--are the 5G (particularly the "old" 60GB 5G iPods) compatible with Firewire? My laptop doesn't have USB 2.0, but it does have a firewire port.
  3. oneeyedhobbit

    Portable Cans, Final Go--K81 v. PX100

    Sorry that I've created so many nearly redundant posts in the last few days. Call me anal, I guess. Long story short: need portable headphones. Will be used at work in a university library, so must be closed/leak very little. Also used on CTA (buses and trains), walking around, and potentially...
  4. oneeyedhobbit

    Computer Fan?

    So I've been trying to get a game to run at a decent framerate on my laptop with the help of some people over at Something that came up was the possibility that the inside of my case is dirty. I bought a can of compressed air to clean out the fan vents--I was very careful...
  5. oneeyedhobbit

    Grado HF-1 Sound Impressions?

    All of the other threads have been pictures and aesthetics. I realize its a bit early for impression, but I (and I imagine several others) am interested in the sound. I've always been interested in a pair of either Grado MS-2s or SR-225s to supplement my Senns for rock. Can we get some kind of...
  6. oneeyedhobbit

    Laptop LCD Dead? Help!

    Computer Gurus, Recently my laptop LCD screen has been completely schmucked up. I haven't made any system changes in several months (the only minor changes being updated antivirus, spyware, and Windows XP--no drivers or anything). Normally I turn my notebook on and leave it run all day, as...
  7. oneeyedhobbit

    Problems scanning photos

    My girlfriends mom asked me to scan in some old photos for reprinting/resizing. I've got an HP 2410 all-in-one, and I'm having a devil of a time getting the scanner to scan colors right. I'm just using the default HP program to scan. The preview looks fine, but when I actually scan it in the...
  8. oneeyedhobbit

    G&W TW-J1: Criticisms and Manufacturer Responses

    In this thread, several technical criticisms were leveled at the G&W TW-J1. I contacted the official distributor of the amps and asked what gave. They told me they would get in touch with the designer to find out whats going on, and promised a response from him. Here it is: Ok, actually...
  9. oneeyedhobbit


    A while ago I had been ripping audio with EAC and Lame. However, I recently was forced to wipe my computer and seem to have misplaced my backup...can anyone direct me to the latest and greatest versions of EAC and Lame (note: if latest does not equal greatest in either case, please direct me to...
  10. oneeyedhobbit

    Couple Digital Photography Questions

    Seeing as how head-fi has lately become home to not only a great number of audio enthusiasts, but also amateur digital photographers, I'll do a quick query here. I've got some photographs stuck in limbo on my digital camera from the holiday break that I need to transfer to my computer, but I...
  11. oneeyedhobbit

    Ski Info Sites?

    What with the wide variety of interests on Head-fi, I'll give this post a shot: I'm an avid skiier, and am looking for a site that can give me info on all things skiing, although specifically I'm looking to pick up some good goggles. Anyone know of any info sites, review sites, forums, or even...
  12. oneeyedhobbit

    SNES Emulator?

    Anyone know where I can find a solid SNES emulator online? I'd really love to play some Legend of Zelda, but I have neither my SNES or a TV here at school. Thanks!
  13. oneeyedhobbit

    General Cap quality question

    Spurred by some posts I've read as of late, I post this query--So, generally I thought the capacitator quality hierarchy went something like this: Black Gates Nichion Muse Elna Cerafine Pana FM/FC However, I've seen some posts claiming the Panasonics beat out everything but the black...
  14. oneeyedhobbit

    GeForce FX 5200 GO Game compatibility

    So I've noticed that more than a few head-fiers are computer folks, and among them, more than a few are gamers--so I'll toss this out to people with much more experience/knowledge than I. I've recently been introduced to the glory that is KOTOR: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. To a...
  15. oneeyedhobbit

    Full Disclosure?

    I've been debating posting this for a long time. I kept telling myself it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, as its bound to piss at least a few people off. But, after seeing the trend that I had been observing continue, I decided its time to throw this one out there. I'm wondering if...
  16. oneeyedhobbit

    Wanted to Commission: CMoy or Mint

    I wasn't sure if this was the appropriate thread, but I figure the DIYers will most likely read it. So, here's the scoop. My friend Danny is listening to Beyerdynamic DT 250 80s out of a creative Nomad. This particular set up is a bit muddy and underpowered--even maxed the Nomad isn't sufficient...
  17. oneeyedhobbit

    Nomad to CMoy to Beyer 250-80?

    My friend Danny owns a Creative Nomad mp3 player. He refuses to upgrade from here and his trusty Beyerdynamic DT 250 80, as portability is a premium to him. But, after hearing his Beyers in my setup, we both agree that through his Nomad, they are a bit muddy. Further, the big problem is they are...
  18. oneeyedhobbit

    Cheap USB Audiophile Soundcards

    Sigh...I'm so proud of him My little protegé (i.e. my friend Danny, who I'm also dragging down into debt with me via Head-Fi) has decided it is time to upgrade from crappy on board laptop soundcard. However, he still won't commit the sums of money I have. Any cheap USB soundcards, or otherwise...
  19. oneeyedhobbit

    Perreaux SXH-1

    Quote: Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer Of course it really doesn't suprise me that you like it more than the Perreaux, which would be better off as a coaster than a headphone amp IMO. I've never heard the Perreaux. After Audiogon stopped carrying them, I figured there was no way...
  20. oneeyedhobbit

    MP3 rippers (that suck)--Help me find em!

    Hey folks, For a class of mine I need to e-mail several song clips. So, I need to rip some tracks from CDs and encode them at a low bitrate (128kb, most likely), then make 30 second cuts of select areas. Anyone have any good programs for doing this? Thus far I've been using a demo version of...
  21. oneeyedhobbit


    Alright--I was contently listening to Beethoven's 6th today and drowing out the cares of the world. I decide that it is time to get started on some homework. I hit stop on my remote. All gravy. I stnad up, walk towards the player, and hit open. The CD tray opens about halfway and immediately...
  22. oneeyedhobbit

    Buyer Etiquette

    Hmm..I realize that there was a similarly titled thread, but I have a very specific point to make. Now, as my signature indicates, I am trying to sell an iPod on Head-Fi and avoid the whole e-bay bit. During this proccess, I've had several members express interest. I replied answering all...
  23. oneeyedhobbit

    Bumping in for-sale forums

    Did the mods ever decide if it was unacceptable for us to bump something in the forsale forums along with a comment such as, "this is a great product" or things of that ilk?
  24. oneeyedhobbit

    A friend's purchase--Closed cans under $250

    Hullo, A friend of mine is looking for some closed cans, with a budget of $250. They need to be relatively forgiving, and easy to drive--he'll be using them out of a Creative Nomad. He's not looking for cans specifically marketed as portable, said hes fine just putting them in his back and...
  25. oneeyedhobbit

    Uh-oh...Lower End Stax?

    I apologize if this has already been discussed ad nauseum, but when I search the site keeps hanging up before my results showup. All that being said, I never thought I would ask this...but how do some of the lower end (read: NOT costing ridiculous amounts of money) do? I've been patiently...