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  2. songlove

    What is wrong with Audiogon?

    I am sure audiogon has some problems now, I got the same error messages when opening the website or post.
  3. songlove

    LCD-2 VS D7000

    Quote: OK, I think you have both LCD-2 and He-6, with Lyr, what do you think LCD-2 and HE-6?    
  4. songlove

    REVIEW: HiFiMan HE-500 Orthodynamic Headphones....Less Is More!

    This is a good news, but I really hope hifiman could get the EF6 ready soon, I really like the airy and transparant sound, but HE-6 need a huge power amp which is a headache to me.
  5. songlove

    LCD-2 VS D7000

    Thank you, guys.   Looks I need time to learn the LCD-2 sound sig then.   The amp is MF X-CAN V8, it is discontinued now, so maybe not every one know it, but it is very famous several years before and very good amp for D7000.    
  6. songlove

    LCD-2 VS D7000

    I have D7000 and new purchased LCD-2, my setup is   Macpro+Pure music->Ayre QB-9->X-CAN V8->LCD-2/D7000.   D7000 is one year old, and LCD-2 is about 6 days use.   I do not know if my amp is not good for LCD-2. My impression for LCD-2 is not that good. And yes, LCD-2 is more...
  7. songlove

    The Leben CS300XS Thread

    this is the best amp with HE-6 I heard.....but looks it is hard to find one..
  8. songlove

    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

    Thank you for posing this good review, I will consider it with my LCD-2.
  9. songlove

    REVIEW: HiFiMan HE-500 Orthodynamic Headphones....Less Is More!

    LFF, you really turned me on!! I can not wait to order one now. I have LCD-2 now, could you specify the difference for these two, I kindly feel a little bit darker and less airy sound on LCD-2. How about HE-500?
  10. songlove

    Ultrasone edition 10 "THE BUTTERFLY" initial impressions

    it is really expensive one instead, I hope I can hear it before purchasing one.....
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