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  1. Fegefeuer

    Hifiman Ananda Stealth Magnet Version

    You know it's coming. It's the last missing piece in the big stealth puzzle alongside the Sundara. What do you expect? What changes do you wish from the original Ananda? paging @bagwell359 to set the baseline.
  2. Fegefeuer

    Violectric HPA V550 - Blue's Brother and the successor to the V281

    Now available in Europe download the manual below POWER HP Impedance Ua (dBu) Ua (V) Pa (mW) 600 28,7 21,1 740 300 28,6 20,9 1450 100 28,5 20,7 4300 50 27,3 17,9 6400...
  3. Fegefeuer

    Beyerdynamic T5p 3rd Generation to be released

    not surprising of course after the 3rd Gen T1 will be released either autumn or a bit into winter same price as the 2nd gen more info soon enough what I am hoping for: -better, more natural timbre -less tinny -same great imaging -5 years of warranty
  4. Fegefeuer

    Beyerdynamic T1 3rd Gen out now

    Impressions start here FACT SHEET Inside the T1 by @kman1211
  5. Fegefeuer

    Violectric DHA V590 DAC/AMP - Blue Velvet

    November 23th Update: power specs May 25th Update: brochure attached, impedance/power table posted May 24th Update: preorder option now available for CONUS The Violectric DHA V590 DAC/AMP starts the new...
  6. Fegefeuer

    Niimbus Ultimate Series US4/US4+/US5/US5 Pro Headphone Amps - by Lake People

    Update February 26th 2021: US5 and US5 Pro will be released with pentaconn/4.4mm output. Both are the same amps (US4+) now except being different on the volume control. Review by Project86...
  7. Fegefeuer

    Violectric HPA V280 - balanced headphone amp - impressions and discussion thread

    The Violectric V280       The Violectric V280 is the slimmer brother of the V281 and aimed at all those that do not need the extra features of the V281 package but still want a powerful balanced headphone amp.           Features: - Balanced inputs with gold-plated Neutrik XLR...
  8. Fegefeuer

    Violectric HPA V281 - Vorsprung durch Balanced

    The Violectric V281 Balanced Headphone Amp (all above photos by user: Gipsy) (photo by user: jark) (photo by user: zkadoush) technical insight and explanations by Fried Reim: Why not to use certain adapters to hear SE Headphones on the XLR out...
  9. Fegefeuer

    HE-500: Exceptional Sound but really bad built/craftsmanship

    First. I like the sound and tonality of the HE-500. Soundstage, mids, treble, bass. It has everything I want or expect from a great headphone. There are problems however and they are very blatant. Hifiman doesn't seem to care much about built quality or certain quality standards haven't arrived...
  10. Fegefeuer

    Which amp for HE-500/K701/Ultrasone up to 400$?

    Hi,   I am looking for a decent amp for the HE-500 that is also capable of driving AKG K701 and Ultrasone Pro 2900. Should cost around 400$. Easy availability in EU preferred as taxes hurt a lot the higher I invest.   From well-respected forum members I have gotten the following info...