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  1. meat01

    Rockboxed Clip+ issues

    Yesterday I got a Clip+.  I changed the USB mode to MSC and I rockboxed it. I am running Windows 7.   The Clip+ now has the Rockbox firmware on it and is recognized by my computer, but I can not see any files on the Clip+ and it takes up 2 drive letters when I plug it in.  If I click either...
  2. meat01

    2008 College Football Thread!

    The season is almost here! Is Notre Dame going to suck again? Will Michigan be better with their new coach? Will Nebraska be better with their new coach? Will Oklahoma choke in their bowl game again?
  3. meat01


    Why do we have the Gear-Fi Forum if only half of the people use it? We have at least 5 threads in the member's lounge right now that should be in Gear-fi. Do people not know about it? I think the description of it is pretty clear, non audio gadgets. The only borderline thing is sometimes...
  4. meat01

    Friendly Reminder, Update your Feedback Link

    Since the Head-Fi Outage, most or all of the links were broken, so if you haven't already done it, check out where your feedback link in your signature takes you and make sure that it is actually your feedback. You can post in here if you want to test out your signature. To find your...
  5. meat01

    CryoTweaks Silver Interconnect

    I purchased some CryoTweaks Silver Interconnects from for $43 shipped on the reccomendation of DoctorArthurWells. They arrived 2 or 3 days later via Priority Mail. I was very happy with the looks and build quality of the cables and connectors. They are pure silver coaxial...
  6. meat01

    Watch Recommendation

    I am looking for a new watch and here are my requirements. White face Round face Leather band Under $200 Preferably Automatic Preferably Blue hands Simple face (not busy or cluttered) I really like the look of the IWC Portofino, but that is way out of my budget. The closest thing I have seen...
  7. meat01

    Congratulations Tigers!!

    You did what the Redwings and the Pistons (and my Dodgers) couldn't do. Make it to the finals
  8. meat01

    Happy 101 Pinky!

    With your huge difference in time zones, I missed the big 100. Congrats!
  9. meat01

    Materials of Interconnects

    This is an honest post and not a joke and I am just expressing my findings based on actual tests. If silver is bright and copper is warm, then what is zinc or whatever paper clips are made from? I just made a pair of interconnects out of 16 jumbo paperclips, scotch tape and 4 RCA...
  10. meat01

    Millet Hybrid Construction Thread

    Since everyone is getting their boards and starting to build their amps, I figured I would start a thread for questions, comments and build photos. I have put in most of my components, but I forgot to order 2 diodes, so I have to wait for more parts. How is everyone elses coming along?
  11. meat01

    Portland Oregon

    My wife and I are visiting Portland in June and were wondering where we should go? We will be staying downtown. We were probably going to drive to the coast one day, go to the Columbia River (don't know where to go though) and maybe check out some wine country (again don't know where). Any other...
  12. meat01

    Having Issues with EAC

    I am trying to decompress mp3s in EAC and it decompresses 1 file and then hangs. I am using EAC .9beta 4 version I believe. Also I am having issues burning a CD in EAC. Ripping and encoding works fine though.
  13. meat01

    Where's the Carbon love?

    I was just wondering why everyone was getting the Zen Micro Touch over the Rio Carbon? The Carbon's battery life is longer and you do not need to install software to transfer files. I realize the Zen Micro has On The Fly playlists and a removable battery going for it. I would just like to hear...
  14. meat01

    Sorry for the crosspost, but does anyone have a NJR NJM4556AD?

    I went to order a NJR NJM4556AD opamp at Mouser and they have a 7 week lead time. I was wondering if anyone had a spare one that I could buy off them or trade some other components. Thanks. I posted this in the for sale forum, but I thought I might have better luck here.
  15. meat01

    Which AC adapter for my PCDP

    I have an Aiwa XP-33 PCDP and was wondering which AC adapter is compatible with it. It is 6VDC and runs off of 4 AA batteries. How do I know how many milliamps and could someone recommend me a decent one? Thanks.
  16. meat01

    META42 issues

    I have built a META and do not get sound out of it. At the moment, I am using 2 9 volt batteries as the power source. I am getting 17 volts through all of the buffers, but only getting 8.5 volts out of the AD8620 op amp. I don't really know other test points to test to see where the loss of...
  17. meat01

    Power caps for an A/C META42

    I am building a META42 with a toroidal transformer with 17 volts. I mistakenly got the 1000uf 10v capacitors for C2 and C3. What would happen if I used 4 of those to populate C2 and C3? I also have 2 1000uf 35 volt capacitors. Could I put the 10v in C2 and the 35v in C3? I am also using a 2200uf...
  18. meat01

    Drilling holes in Altoids tins

    I don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere, but a hole punch works great for punching holes for the input/output jacks and the switch. Perfectly round.
  19. meat01

    CMoy part question

    Can I use .1uF 100V metal film caps (Digikey p4725-nd) in the CMoy? If so, what are the disadvantages?
  20. meat01

    Some CMoy Porn

    Here is my first CMoy in the Altoids tin. I built 2 others in the Serpac case and always thought the Altoids would be too cramped, until I saw Sol_Zhen's nice CMoy. I wasn't too crazy about the pot, so I build them without one. I am almost done with my META42 in the Hammond enclosure, I just...
  21. meat01

    Favorite CMoy tweaks?

    I was just wondering how people prefer to tweak there CMoys for better sound or for their particular headphones.