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  1. tradja

    Rare Moment of Headphone Satiety

    Last night, listening to Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions with my very modest but enjoyable K240S and Little Dot II, I had a rare experience: it was perfect. I thought, "I've been contemplating a big sell-off, consolidation of headphone equity, and upgrade, but does it really need to be better...
  2. tradja

    PCDP for Sister-in-Law?

    My sister-in-law's PCDP recently died, and we want to get her a PCDP for Xmas. Ideally: * Most importantly, sturdy build quality * somewhat "cool", or at least less dorky * $50 or less, new or used * relatively easy to find online/ebay, etc. SQ is not a criteria at all. Remember, this...
  3. tradja

    Replacement cap specs for Little Dot II tube amp?

    I don't know how many of you might have been following the catastrophic saga of the Little Dot II tube amp group buy over at ipodstudio (, involving a ~75% failure rate of the amps in the group buy. (The failures start cropping up around page 22...
  4. tradja

    ~$100 shootout: DT531 vs. A500 vs. V6

    After discovering HeadFi, I read hundreds of posts, and surprisingly enough, bought some cans. I carefully compared my first three cans: Sony V6, ATH-A500, and DT531. Perhaps my experiences will provide other noobs with some perspective on these popular “starter” cans. Of course, my subjective...
  5. tradja

    How to find obscure classical recordings?

    Although I enjoyed MUSIC 1A in college, I haven't ever been a classical music enthusiast. The other night on the local public radio station, I happened to hear a great trumpet concerto. I looked up the playlist at the stations website, and found the following information: Quote: Tomaso...
  6. tradja

    Portishead NYC

    I've recently been enjoying Portishead Dummy. How is that 1998 NYC live disc? SQ? Performance?
  7. tradja

    Toshiba 4900 disappointment

    I recently bought a used, unmodded Toshiba 4900 to "upgrade" my old, undistinguished Pioneer PD-F506 25-disc changer (boasts "1-bit Direct Linear Conversion" prominently on the chassis). So far, the 4900 has been ho-hum. Piano and acoustic guitar, especially, and vocals to a lesser degree...
  8. tradja

    Recabling DT531's?

    I love my DT531's. But I've seen nicer cables on stock cans. Is it possible/feasible to recable DT531's? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  9. tradja

    My free, "dumpster" turntable

    About 10 years ago, I bought a basic $99 Sony turntable so I could shop for $0.25 vinyl at garage sales and other such places. I almost never listened to it, and recently, I've been considering getting rid of it. I really didn't understand the vinyl fans on this and other audio forums. I...
  10. tradja

    DVD Audio on PC?

    Will a basic DVD-ROM drive on a PC play DVD audio? Thanks!
  11. tradja

    Ohms and amp choice?

    Instead of asking "Which amp should I get for x cans?", I am wondering how/if to take can resistance, expressed in ohms, into account when looking at amps. If I have a 250ohm set of cans, should I be looking for a "powerful" amp? If I was looking to drive a set of 32 ohm cans, would I be...
  12. tradja

    I found 595's for sale!

    Yesterday I was waiting around the airport in Bangkok waiting for my flight back to CA. I noticed an elecronics shop with the standard Sennheiser tester "tree". Killed a very enjoyable and educational hour there. HD280 (ok), PX200 (wow!), HD500 (zzzzz...), HD515 ("these must be broken...")...
  13. tradja

    Etiquette: Posting ebay links in FS/FT?

    What is the etiquette here regarding posting links to your own or other folk's ebay auctions in the FS/FT forums? I've noticed sellers in the FS/FT forums frequently asking for offers via PM, essentially running an (anonymous-bidder) auction. It seems ebay is a way to organize "offers", and...
  14. tradja

    K240S vs A500?

    I'm sorry to post yet another of these threads but they seem to be tolerated, at least. I've been lurking for a long time, trying like most newbies to find the "perfect first good cans" by reading this forum (and HeadRoom, etc) . I live far from any shops where I can audition anything better...
  15. tradja

    Cmoy: "Enough" Amp?

    So I recently got a eyevancsu-built cmoy to go with my $9 thrift store V6's. (hey, with this rig, can I join Team Budget Hi-Fi? ) I like the amp a lot (thanks Ivan!), but I was wondering how it would do paired with the next headphones I've been eyeing. Is it "enough" amp for something, like...