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  1. evil94devil

    Review by 'evil94devil' on item 'AKG K619 Premium DJ Headphones with Mic (Black)'

    I have only had them for about three months now and I have probably spend about 300 hours with them at least! I absolutely love the bass in these headphones, I have no complains there and they do not leak much sound so they are absolutely great as "on the go" headphones. They only problem is...
  2. evil94devil

    Review by 'evil94devil' on item 'Sennheiser MOMENTUM'

    Before you read this you should know that I have only tried them for a couple of minutes and this is my experience of them under those minutes and this is all from my own preferences!   The headphones is overall good and the sound is balanced BUT! They are a little to balanced to fit my...
  3. evil94devil

    Reply to review by 'evil94devil' on item 'Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone, Blue 16GB (AT&T)'

    I do not know if you have experienced it but I heard a buzzing sound when connected my Shure se 535 to my galaxy SIII. Just wanted to warn you that the phone might not be the best mp3 player to go with :P