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  1. hkmix

    FREE: Sennheiser PX200-II earpad portable headphones (Rules inside)

    I'm in. Good luck to you all, and thanks for offering this.
  2. hkmix

    Logitech G330 USB DAC

     Anyone know exactly what it does with the sound? I know that it boosts the bass and treble ridiculously, but I'm not sure exactly what it does. Either way, it's pretty crazy, I have to do this to make sure my SR60i's don't start outputting distorted sound =\. On that note, once it's EQed...
  3. hkmix

    Upgrade to mid-end...

    Quote: The E7 can't drive the 250 ohm?
  4. hkmix

    Upgrade to mid-end...

    As of right now, I've decided on either the DT880/250 or the DT990/250/600, and I'm slightly learning towards the DT990 since my music (pop) is pretty bass and treble oriented. Would the Fiio E7 be enough to drive either one of these, and between the 250s, which is better for me, in terms of...
  5. hkmix

    Grado SR60 best cans ~$50?

    Quote: More like they only come with the comfies. Wish they came with bowls =P
  6. hkmix

    Broke headphone plug need help with replacing it...

    Quote: You won't need to as long as you properly strip and wrap the wires around the connections tightly enough; if you don't solder, I recommend you use at least electrical tape to separate connections.
  7. hkmix

    Upgrade to mid-end...

     Quote: The AD900 is ~$270 shipped, which I can definitely afford (seems to be the regular price, anyway; I'm seeing a difference between the AD900 and the AD900LTD -- is the visual difference the blue vs. black exterior?). It seems to be low-impedance/high-sensitivity enough to not need...
  8. hkmix

    Upgrade to mid-end...

    Quote: As of now, no amp, but I can get one if that becomes necessary; I'm driving with a Clip+, and the SR60i's sound decent without them. I listen to mostly pop; between the MS-2s and the SR225i's, which one is better overall?
  9. hkmix

    Upgrade to mid-end...

    Bumping for great justice, because I've pretty much decided on either 225i/325i/MS-2 unless someone has a better suggestion for me. Out of these three, which is generally preferred? My price range is ideally ~$250 but I can hit $300 for the 325i/MS-2 as necessary. Help?
  10. hkmix

    $200 buget, currently looking at ath m-50 and akg k240 mk II

    "Pleasure" is pretty subjective and you'll have to figure out what kind of sound signature you prefer. If that's flat, then find flat phones, if you like forward highs, look for Grados, etc.
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