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  1. Puddleglum

    Headphones that compliment eachother

    Long ago I came to the conclusion that one pair of headphones would never be able to satisfy my diverse music listening needs. So began searching for sets of headphones that would compliment eachother to cover as much of the spectrum as possible. As a guidline, I try and divide my phones into...
  2. Puddleglum

    Soundcard for games and a turntable input

    Ok, So I've got my new computer and I'm going to college in a month and a half and I need a soundcard. I want to hook up a cheap turntable to my computer(I know not an ideal situation, but I just need to be able to listen to my records while I'm at school away from my stereo at home), I also...
  3. Puddleglum

    Linux audio players

    Does anyone notice any differences when using different audio players in linux? I'm down choosing between using rhythmbox and xmms, because they both have audioscrobbler. I like Rhythmbox because it works with my Ipod, and has a better database interface for handling my ooodles of music. Xmms...
  4. Puddleglum

    Tube Question

    Okay I ordered 10 sovtek 12ax7lps for my fisher 400 (1 spare) and four Electro-Harmonix 7868's. When I plugged everything in, I found that there was a scratchy/staticy sound coming from the right channel. That sound is non-existant when I first start it up, and gets louder the longer it's on. So...
  5. Puddleglum

    MS-2's or something else?

    I've finally got a system down. I've got a Voodoochile modified 3960 as my source, a Fisher 400 as my amp for the time being, and some bottlehead nawa interconnects coming later. My headphones as of now are my Grado SR80's and my Beyer DT770-80's. While I've enjoyed the grado's, I find them...
  6. Puddleglum

    RS1's or SR225's

    Ok, I've spent a little while with my knew Beyer Dt770's and while they definitely do somethings well (soundstaging, instrument seperation, Bass), I find myself longing for my SR80's still. I just can't get over the mid range and vocals that the grado's had. The bass of the Dt770's didn't really...
  7. Puddleglum

    Tomshardware reviews 0404

    I thought this was an interesting article, maybe more "normal" people have/will been paying attention to the fact that their Audigy's don't sound to good. Link:
  8. Puddleglum

    Do DAC's do Hi-Rez Formats?

    I was wondering if a DAC like the Benchmark DAC-1 would work with a DVD-Audio player? Or any other DAC's if you can think of any.
  9. Puddleglum

    The Tube Amps of old

    I've been poking around like I always do, and found a couple of older amps that don't get a whole lot of mention anymore. I'm sure most of these amps have been surpassed in one way or another (if not all), but I was wondering how they've stood the test of time and how they compare to some of the...
  10. Puddleglum

    Which of these cans are easiest to drive?

    I know all of these have reputations as being beyond portable power (which is not my intent), but which are the easiest to drive? AKG K501 Senn HD650 Beyerdynamic DT880
  11. Puddleglum

    what amps use Which tubes?

    I'm just curious after reading about the wooaudio1. So far I've seen the PPX3 us the 6cg7, the Eddie Currents and the rest of the singlepower line use the 6sn7, and wooaudio use the 6922. I get the impression that the 6sn7 is generally thought of as the best or one of the best tubes for...
  12. Puddleglum

    What to buy?

    I had my mind set on a PPX3-6sn7. Singlepower's new price guide has put the ppx3-6sn7 out of my comfort zone of price range (was $565 now $649). That makes me very sad, but I have to deal with the fact that I'm just a poor kid working at target for the time being. So now I'm re-evaluating my...
  13. Puddleglum no more

    Or rather linked to the new singlepower site. At the same time singlepower site now has pricing information about the units and the upgrades themselves.
  14. Puddleglum

    AOC Piccolo

    Does anyone know where I can find a review of this DAC? I found only the audioasylum reviews on google, but sometimes there are reviews google can't catch. I was thinking this might be a good means of making a few of my assorted cd/dvd players around the house acceptable for music with a pimeta...
  15. Puddleglum

    where can I get K501's recabled?

    I would want these phones recabled mainly because I want all of my headphones to have 1/4" plugs, any sound benefits would be great but nothing would be expected. Do you think if I went to headphile they might be able to do something?
  16. Puddleglum

    what's best closed headphone? beside A900

    I realise it's very good and it's at the top of my list, I'm just wondering what other companies have to offer. Which is better/what characteristics do the AKG 271 and the Beyer DT250-250 have?
  17. Puddleglum

    quick question: what exactly is a transport?

    I think I have an idea. Is it a source used to for a digital external Dac? I could be wrong. Give me examples of good budget transports, I will soon have a voodoochile tushi modded 3960 what that work well with something like a Ack! Dack! if I decided to get one somewhere down the line?
  18. Puddleglum

    Audigy really does suck

    I have been twidling my thumbs and saving my paychecks to get some better equipment, but in the meantime I've been listening with my original audigy and SR80's. Earlier today however, I decided to pull out my old Aureal SQ2500 and see how it compares to the newer audigy. In the back of my head I...
  19. Puddleglum

    Why 24bit sound card for 16bit CD's?

    Now I'm very sure there's a reason why, at least I really hope so. But really, what advantage does a 24bit E-mu 1212m over a theoretical 16bit version?
  20. Puddleglum

    What are some popular budget players

    Hi, I saw that post about a $500 source. I was wondering what a good source (or as good as one can get) would be below that. Just for fun, let's say what would be the best players under a $100, and what would be the best players under $300. I know a while ago I read a thread on the differece...
  21. Puddleglum

    Grado flat pads

    Don't get me wrong I love my SR80's, even though I've yet to get the flat pads. The problem I have with them, is that they are fatiguing. Not in the physical fit, but rather the high's the headphone seem to give me a headache after an hour or so. I tried turning the volume down, even though it...
  22. Puddleglum

    What's a good mild set of cans

    I've decided that I should have two pairs of headphones. One for Rock, which is approximately 60% of my music listening, and another pair for everything else (music in the mid-range games, and movies). Because I can't think of a better word, mild will have to do. I don't want too much base, I...
  23. Puddleglum

    tube amplifier

    So with me thinking about getting a singlepower PPX3, I want to know more about the tubes themselves. 1. What are power, rectifier, and driver tubes? 2. Is any tube compatible with any amp. More specifically, what works with the PPX3 and how can I tell if it works? 3. Why are matched...
  24. Puddleglum

    running two sound cards

    Now I'm thinking about running two sound cards. I've got an audigy2 for games, and will probably pick up one of those chaintech cards, or a used terratec DMX 6Fire. First, how does it work getting two sound cards to work under either linux or windows2000? Second, Does the Terratec compare to the...
  25. Puddleglum

    I need advice on a new system

    I've got two decisions to make, right now I got two pairs of headphones, the SR80's and a recently inherited pair of K240DF's that I can't drive because I don't have an amp. I think both headphones are good, but I know I could do better. I listen to a broad range of music, and was thinking...