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  1. bluecar5556

    Shure E4C

    How do any IEM's create bass with such small drivers exactly? The gut wrenching sound traveling down the cable with the slightest hint of friction including breathing, unbearable ear canal pain with foam squishies after long periods of use and a severe lack of bass with wires facing up exactly...
  2. bluecar5556

    SONY / MDR-DS8000

    Every so often the reset button has to be pressed while looking forward periodically to re-calibrate.  Found it useless myself so I just left the head tracking switch off.  
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  4. bluecar5556

    Cannot copy text in editable field in Firefox

    I have the same problem, clicking "source" within the text editor changes the editor mode and it seemed to help out which can also be changed in preferences from the looks of it.  If it does help, it's only a work-around.  Any suggestions?   Win XP-32 Firefox 4.0.1 (Give me back my 'back...
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