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  1. Sledge

    Toshiba ships perpendicular 1.8" drives

    The 40GB/platter 1.8" drives will show up first in their Gigabeat F41 MP3 player. I'm sure the iPod is not far behind. They also mention 0.85" drives with an 8GB capacity.
  2. Sledge

    Yet another car kit for iPod. This time from Harmon Kardon. From the press release: Quote: BOSTON--July 12, 2005--Harman Kardon, a leading provider of audio products for the home, computer and automotive industries, today unveiled the Harman Kardon Drive + Play, an integrated iPod docking system...
  3. Sledge

    Toshiba's "iPod drive" now available in 80GB version

    MacWorld 2005 will be in San Francisco starting January 10th. If you want a large capacity iPod, maybe you should wait a few weeks. L'inq
  4. Sledge

    iRiver tweaks the definition of portable

    You'll need a car for these upcoming new DAPs
  5. Sledge

    Optoplay and Dolby Headphone

    How does the Optoplay perform in DH? Anyone use it regularly for gaming or DVD's?
  6. Sledge

    Noob-style product requests

    Hello. I'm Sledge and I just found this forum after doing some browsing at I'm going to be making a nice little portable system based around a hard drive MP3 player like a Creative Zen NX. Can you give some recommendations on a suitable amp around $200 or less? How about...