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    Tasting audiophile clams and meats

    (As I find more I will add them to the list here.)  ...
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    [The Not So] Upcoming Sennheiser Stat & Amp

    Sennheiser is said to unveil a new electrostatic headphone and amplifier combination at the '12 RMAF, according to KG/spritzer. We're here for the sake of keeping all the anticipation and unverified rumor from encroaching other threads. That said, let the speculation commence... 1. A new...
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    Blind testing headphones

    Headphones are unique components in that they give away their identity even after the listener is blindfolded. Unlike level-matched equipment and speakers hidden behind acoustically transparent drapery, it's fairly easy to tell what headphone you're wearing if you are at all familiar with how it...
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    Perpetual Cover Song Thread

    So I've checked back a little bit and there's no ongoing cover song sharing thread. This will not stand!         Come, pile 'em on
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    MST3K on sound science  
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    Head-Fi Lo-Fi: basics & the joy of music

    Liking both music and technology leads to a weary ambivalence as you wonder which one's the means and which one's the end. I've lurked over a variety of dense threads over head-fi and diy forums, but each devolves into post after post of arguments over the specifics of a technical measurement or...
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    Headphone-related articles on Wikipedia

    Looking around on Wikipedia I've noticed a paucity of headphone-related articles. The ones that are there are incomplete and unreferenced, e.g. articles on manufacturers that skip over decades of product development. I'd like to improve this coverage. This is an open solicitation for ideas...
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    duplicate - please delete

    duplicate - please delete
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    New Shure 'phones show up on Conan

    So on Friday, Conan O'Brien and Andy Richtor visited an LA anime dubbing studio for a bit on the Tonight Show. The monitor headphones were (unless I'm mistaken) the new closed Shure models. Oh, and hilarity ensued... Hulu - The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien: Conan & Andy Do Manga