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  1. Geruvah

    An amp to help with punch or up the bass a little with my ipod and Westone 4R?

    It's a great combo and I love it with a lot of music, but for music like electronic or hip-hop, I'd love to help get it a little warmer.   I was looking at the FiiO series, as they seem to be more in my price range ( < $200) and they seemed small enough to still be portable, but found out they...
  2. Geruvah

    Can someone with Beats Audio confirm this video?

      It seems too convenient and obvious to what we generally dislike about this whole thing.
  3. Geruvah

    Earsonics introduces a new line: V2 universals

    Their newest line seems to be the same guts but now with replacable cable.      
  4. Geruvah

    3 choices: Repair headphone jack for ipod 5.5, just buy an amp for it, or buy a whole new DAP? (Experienced SM3 users, please chime in)

    Using the Earsonics SM3, I have a 5.5G ipod and finally, the headphone jack broke (seems to be a common problem but mine lasted quite a few years with heavy use).   I love the high capacity of the ipod, and believe me, I use it because I never know what mood I'll be in an hour after I walk...
  5. Geruvah

    IEM budget: up to $250

    Been out of the IEM world and I want get a new one since my old ones went missing...a long time ago. Didn't mind at first, my commute just didn't have music. But now I saw how much new music I've been missing out on, so I have to get a new pair. Don't think I want the same ones, I'd like to try...
  6. Geruvah

    Upgrade iPod storage or go for another device?

    I'm no apple fanboy and I'm no apple hater. So I'm avoiding mac forums and anythingbutipod after seeing how extremist they are on their own sides. I have a 5th generation iPod video (60GB). I've been on the fence to either wait and go for the 32GB Sony and Cowon flagship models that will...
  7. Geruvah

    I hate it when I try to buy music and it's restricted from "this territory"

    I love using and but when I try to buy a few of my favorite songs, they can't be bought because it's territory restricted. Quote: A lot of our employees are DJs from all ends of the spectrum- from basement DJs, to club residents, to DJs who have toured all...
  8. Geruvah

    Is custom the way to go to upgrade?

    I've pretty much grew up with my UE 5 Pros. It all began with me dipping my foot into the IEM world 5 years ago. I bought the Shure e2c and promptly returned them. That sound was just too lacking for me. I upped my budget and got the and I loved them with the foamies. Now I...
  9. Geruvah

    What should I upgrade? Max $800

    Or a better question, will there be an audible difference with this amount? I do like this system so far, but it seems that I'm getting $800 bucks to freely spend on any on upgrading. Can't go any higher than that, but I'm sure there are equipment that costs hundreds lower that sound as good, if...
  10. Geruvah

    Ever paid regular CD price for a single?

    For years I've been looking somewhere for a single song, but it's only sold in a single. For three songs the cheapest I could ever find this import is $19. Quite a lot for one song, but man it sounds so great I may just take the plunge.