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  1. mpawluk91

    Galaxy player 4.2 output impedance and sound quality

    We'll i have looked everywhere on headfi and google and I CAN NOT find what the output impedance is on the headphone out of the galaxy player 4.2 I plan on getting one but I want to sure it will work with my sony xba 3. (Very source picky iem's) Also how is the sound quality from this thing?
  2. mpawluk91

    Headstage arrow 4g with colorfly ck4+

    I'm planning on getting a colorfly ck4+ and I'm going to pair it with my arrow 4g, I need a picture of the 2 stacked so I can see how long of a mini to mini cable I'm going to need, please put the side with the switches at the bottem like this
  3. mpawluk91

    Colorfly ck4+ with arrow 4g

    I'm planning on getting a colorfly ck4+ and I'm going to pair it with my arrow 4g, I need a picture of the 2 stacked so I can see how long of a mini to mini cable I'm going to need, please put the side with the switches at the bottem like this
  4. mpawluk91

    Help modding iPod nano!

    I might get my dad a fifth gen iPod nano but 16 gb of space isn't gonna cut it. Am I able to replace the hdd or flash memory? I did it in my ipod video with a cf card. I really wanted to get him the first gen nano (despite the explosive battery lol) but I guess u can't replace the flash...
  5. mpawluk91

    Need good cans for my arrow 4g

    I need some thoughts on what headphones take advantage of the headstage arrow 4g's power. I already have some ue 6000 and they're awesome. My budget is right around 200 or leas
  6. mpawluk91

    IMOD from red wine is it legit?

    I was thinking about this Imod thing to get the most out of my dac. I read the with the 5.5 gen ipod you have to always use a certain LOD (gimmicky) but with the 4th gen classic (ipod photo) you can use any LOD cable. So I wanted to know if it would be worth the very expensive price tag
  7. mpawluk91

    New battery for ipod

    Hello I hope I posted this in the right section but I need a new battery for my ipod 5.5 30gb I already have a relatively new one (not sure what kind tho) and rockbox totally kills it in like 2 hours. So I need the absolute most powerful internal battery for it not external cause I'm already...
  8. mpawluk91

    C&C BH final thoughts after purchase

    Well I burned in my bh for 120 hours and now it's good to go. The only things about it that people didn't understand was the dual outputs and the sf switch. First off this is an amazing little amp once you have it set up properly. Both outputs are for headphones of different impedance (ohms)...
  9. mpawluk91

    Sansa Clip + question

    I want to pair my clip + with an amp and keep it small and good. But I'm not sure what makes the clip + sound good is it cause it has an awesome dac or good wiring layout or what? So if I amp this thing will it sound better than say an ipod 5.5? The ipod 5.5 sounds so good with an amp cause the...
  10. mpawluk91

    Need case for my rig HELP

    I got an ipod 5.5 30gb and i have a c&c bh on the way to me and I'll be using a fiio L9 cable. I was wondering if a case for a fat 80gb ipod5.5 would work? I was thinking like maybe a leather flip case would work if it had a pouch Idk I need help as long as I could put it in my pocket
  11. mpawluk91

    C&C BH DAC?

    Does the c&c bh have a dac in it? I bought one and its being shipped soon. If it doesn't would I be able to use the internal dac of my ipod 5.5 in combination with the c&c bh? Also how would that work using rockbox and a fiio L9 LOD cable?
  12. mpawluk91

    Need good cable for UE 6000

    Hello I need sum help finding the right cable, I need one that's 3.5mm male on both ends (pretty standard) but it has to be 4 feet long, decently flexible, it's gotta have sum space behind the prong tho cause on the ue 6000 the jack is at an angle and sum cables don't like to go in all the way...
  13. mpawluk91

    Smallest most effective amp?

    What is the smallest most effective portable amp for under or around 80 bucks, gonna be using it with the ue 6000 and a rockboxed ipod 5.5 30gb
  14. mpawluk91

    Need help equalizing UE 6000

    I just got done burning in my ue 6000 but I really would love to have these eq'd properly, I use rockbox so it's a 5 band eq. Looking mostly a flat response and then I'll tweak to my liking. I just don't have the right equipment and its tough by ear. Seeing as a lot of u guys have these I...
  15. mpawluk91

    Logitech ue 4000 vs Sennheiser hd439

    Which one wins, mostly listen to heavy metal, goin unamped, rockboxed sansa clip+, not sure if the hd439 has a regular 3.5mm removable cable or sum weird connecter but the ue4000 is regular
  16. mpawluk91

    Skullcandy aviator vs ue 4000

    My little bro plans on getting the ue4000 or the skullcandy aviator headphones. Mostly skullcandy sucks but the aviators are the first actually good ones believe it or not lol. They're both around 100 bucks and If anyone here has listened to both I'd love to hear ur comparison. I just bought the...
  17. mpawluk91

    Rockbox on ipod 5.5

    I don't know which setting is more severe bass cutoff 1 or bass cutoff 4?
  18. mpawluk91

    Logitech UE6000

    These things are simply badass at anything you throw at it all the way from carnifex to freaking shania twain lol
  19. mpawluk91

    IPod touch 1st gen has a wolfson dac

    Does anyone here know how the 1st gen iPod touch sounds? I have an ipod 5.5 with a wolfson it sounds amazing. I was wondering if maybe the 1st touch was the best sounding itouch. I also have the new iPod touch 5th gen and its pretty nice there's never any distortion.
  20. mpawluk91

    Rockbox has worst battery life EVER

    I put rockbox on my ipod 5.5 a d this thing has a brand new battery and it dies in like 3 hours, it lasts for a good week on regular firmware. It's not just the ipod either cause my brother has a sansa clip + brand new and rockbox kills that in 2 hours or less. Anyone have an idea how to fix...
  21. mpawluk91

    Ipod 5.5 distorted HELP

    I bought an ipod video 30gb the 5.5 model. I read everywhere that its the best ipod for sound. When I got it I put all my iTunes bought music on it 256 aac. When I play the music from it mostly heavy metal it sounds very distorted in the low end like its mixing with the low mids and sounds...
  22. mpawluk91

    Best 150$ cans for heavy metal

    I've been searching everywhere like crazy to find out what headphones to buy but it's so confusing. I mostly listen to heavy metal like pantera slipknot or chimaira and need clarity and performance. Being able to feel breakdowns would be nice too. So I wil be powering these through an ipod video...