Head Gear Reviews by Zhanming057
  1. RAAL-requisite SR1a

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    Okay - here's my "feature length" Raal SR1A review. R-r will be at Canjam Singapore (via SLT technologies) and Canjam Socal. Disclaimer: In exchange for my feedback and testing reports of amp pairings, Danny McKinney provided me with a pre-production SR1A (formerly named SRH1A) loaner unit and, after deciding to pull the trigger, I also received a production version of the headphones at a small discount. Most of this review was written with the pre-production set. However, Danny has assured me that the loaner is identical in design and signature...

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    Introduction “Is this review too long?” To preface this review, I did receive a modest discount on my pair of Mysphere 3.2’s (henceforth “3.2”) in exchange for my unbiased feedback and impressions. Instead of doing what any sensible human being would and demo them before pulling the trigger, I took a leap of faith and paid to own a pair without first trying them out. I should also mention that this review is also specifically for the Mysphere 3.2 and not the lower-impedance, 3.1 variant. If I get a chance to extensively demo the 3.1 I will update...