Digital drawing, 3D modeling, photography, special effects, survivalism, audio and electronics
Acoustics, signal processing, common sense, giggling at rabid sub-/objectivists
Headphone Inventory
AKG K 272 HD
Sony XB-500
Sony EX-10LP
used to own: Sennheiser HD 555, Sennheiser CX-400, and the much better DX's fake CX-300 II's
Headphone Amp Inventory
Indeed G2 (died before I got to use it even ;_;)
Source Inventory
M-Audio Fast Track Pro
EMU 0404 (died, good night sweet prince)
FiiO E7 (never used, firmware bug)
Cable Inventory
Cordial ¼" TRS - XLR
Audio-Related Tweaks
removed the horrible LED from Indeed G2
Canon EOS 600D
Ruger Mark III Target
Ruger 10/22


Good sound is subjective, perfect reproduction isn't.
My blog, not much there yet :3
M-Audio Fast Track Pro > AKG K272 HD or Behringer B3031A (via XLR)​