I'll be honest that I'm pretty tonedeaf, but I like the hobby anyways =)
Headphone Inventory
Audio Technica W1000X, Audio Technica ESW10JPN, AKG K701, Denon D5000

------IEMs & Earbuds------
Sony MDR-EX1000, Sennheiser OMX980, Shure E530, Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10pro, Etymotic ER-4P, Sony MDR-E888
Headphone Amp Inventory
------Home Amps------
Cute Beyond
Source Inventory
------Home Sources------
Nuforce Icon (DAC), looking to upgrade

Sony PCM-M10, Cowon S9, Sony A728, iPod 5G 60GB, Olympus m:robe
Other Audio Equipment
Blueroom Minipod, JVC SU-DH1
Audio-Related Tweaks
A bottle of Hennessy
Mechanical keyboards:
Filco Majestouch NKRO, Cherry Browns
IBM Model M 13


Team College-fi (NYU, CUHK)
Currently hunting for a good home amp.