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    Cayin N3Pro DAP: Dual AK4493 and MQA with Vacuum Tube

    Hi, I'm very interested in the N3Pro. I use HiBy R5 a lot for Tidal offline. I'd like to confirm if I can keep using the R5 for Tidal, and output to N3Pro through either UAT or USB? Will there be any gotchas with that set up? Thank you.
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    [FS] IMR R2 Aten - mint condition

    Are these still available?
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    Reply to review by 'yogiwp' on item 'Kinera Nanna'

    Anyways, thanks for the detailed review! Very helpful as I'm looking for estat/piezo hybrid around 500-1K range.
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    Reply to review by 'yogiwp' on item 'Kinera Nanna'

    > It rolls off relatively early compared to other flagships in the price bracket What do you mean by this, the FR seem to show much less rolloff after 8K compared to other flagships (for example the Andros). Would you think Crinacle's FR of Nanna (particularly on the highs) is not really...
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    Reply to review by 'yogiwp' on item 'Kinera Nanna'

    > it requires certain power to drive it well. Any ballpark of how much power it requires for best experience?