Head Gear Reviews by yay101
  1. SMSL SA-98 Flagship-level Top HIFI Digital Big Power Amplifier TDA7498 100Wx2 - Black

    4.50 star(s)
    Got this as a gift from the girlfriend, sadly it is WAY too powerful for nearfield and will be selling it for a much less powerful model. Quality issues with a slightly sticky pot which went away with use and poor volume matching at low volume, bad enough that you can clearly hear each channel step up one than the other, but not so bad its difficult to match it just takes an extra second of effort. At louder volumes this either goes away or stops occuring.
  2. PSB M4U 1

    5.00 star(s)
    I could not recommend these headphones more, they sound better than anything else i have had the opportunity to listen to for more than five minutes. They take the best parts of the headphones i owned previously and puts them all in one package and refines them even more. More controlled lows than the m50, better highs than the ad700's and keeps their sound stage, and the mids of the MS1 with more detail. Just an incredible headphone.   Buy these now. ALSO: I bought my pair from videopro in Australia, and they arrived the next day with free...
  3. JVC HA-S680 Over Ear Headphones

    5.00 star(s)
    The S400 and S500 are incredible quality bargain headphones, but these even at several times the cost are more refined and more worthy in every way. If these cost $120 i would still recommend them, they have made that much of a impact.   Out of the box they sound pretty bloody bad, everything was muffled and the bass sounded like it was coming through a wall. That's just the way these JVC's seem to ship, after 48 hours though these are a whole other beast, one worthy of your time and money, at least as a travel pair.