I was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Married and have 2 young lads. I have a beard.
Filmmaking, composing music, playing guitar, music, writing fiction, cooking, travel.
Composing music
Writing (fiction and non-fiction)
Cooking (gourmet and anything I can burn on a grill)
Fine wine (and the stuff that I can afford)
Single malt scotch
Making the perfect gin & tonic (and drinking my mistakes!)
Independent films and filmmaking
Science fiction
Travel and just generally wandering around
Crime mapping
Dog (have a black lab and a golden retriever)
Canadian television and film
Dulcimer (playing)
Tablas, bongos, and djembe drumming
Indian film (Bollywood and Mollywood)
Hot tubbing
Watching documentaries
Beard growing
Headphone Inventory
AKG 301
Grado SR-60
Grado SR-325i
Koss Pro 4AA (circa 1974--my second set of cans, the first being something really cheap from The Army Navy Store in Regina, Saskatchewan)
Sennheiser HD-202
Sennheiser HD-595
Yuin PK1
Yuin PK2
AKG K701
AKG K271
Headphone Amp Inventory
Decware Zen Head
Headroom Total Bithead
Headroom Airhead
Source Inventory
Philips LHH1000 CD transport and dac.
Philips MP3/Wave player of some sort
Sony SACD/CD/DVD player
Pioneer 25 CD changer
Thorens 145 mkII turntable with okay Ortofon MC cartridge
Apple Shuffle
Rotel Cassette deck
Luxman K-15 cassette deck
Nakamichi 250 cassette deck
Revox A77 reel-to-reel deck
Rotel am/fm tuner
Sony am/fm tuner
Sony 10 cd changer
Cable Inventory
Stuff by Monster, Vampire Wire, Grado, Custom House Cable, RCA, MIT, and so on. Some of it is very good, some not so good. I don't get too hung up on cable.
Power-Related Components
McIntosh MA5100 integrated amp
Adcom 565 pre-amp
Dynaco Pas 3 preamp
Decware Zen amp
Quad Active 12L speakers with 2 amps built in
Outlaw Home Theatre Receiver
Other Audio Equipment
Quad Active 12 L speakers
AR M1 speakers
Gallo Micro speakers
Radio Shack speakers (small metal clad used as surround speakers).
BIC 12 inch powered subwoofer
AMC 8 inch powered subwoofer (B1-20 Ace-Bass).
BIC centre channel speaker
Audio-Related Tweaks
Got my beard trimmed.
Music Preferences
World Music
Avant-garde classical
Folk Metal
Pirate Metal
Country Rock
Female vocalists
R & B
Indian classical
Indian film music
Bhangra music
Professor of Sociology


Headphones: SR-Grado 325i, Sennheiser HD-595, Yuin PK1.
Headphone Amps: Decware Zen Head ZH1, Headroom Total Bithead. Music Playback Machine: Philiips something or other.