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    Hugo Chord US Model 2 months old - Mint in Box

    Bumped.  If there is no interest, item will be moved to Audiogon in 48 hours.  Thanks!
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    Hugo Chord US Model 2 months old - Mint in Box

    Purchased it in the middle of December but had no time to use it.  Tested it and works fine.  In original box with all packaging accessories as new.  Serial# is on one of the photos.  No trades or offers please.  No rush.  Price includes free insured shipping via USPS Priority Mail with...
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    SONY NW-ZX2 128GB Walkman w/SONY Leather Flip Case & 128GB SanDisk MicroSD Card

    This is a rarely used MINT unit in original factory boxes (less than 50 hours indoors use overall).  Perfect condition, all original accessories and packaging with over $250 extras (Genuine SONY Leather Flip case+SD card filled with DSD and PCM music+2 extra USB Charger cables as well as an...
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    RAL KEB02iP Battery-Powered Headphone Amplifier / DAC (Balanced/DSD/iPod)

    This is less than six months old and looks/works with no issues.  Haven't seen much use although it's an excellent little DAC/Amp for the price.  Everything is included the device originally came with as well as original packaging as shown in photos.   S&H is $5 extra for continental US...
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    Digital SPDIF Coax to 3.5mm interconnect - Frost Audio Blackfrost Custom >2Ft. $280 Orig. cost

    This is an amazing digital SPDIF coax cable to be used with an SPDIF-USB converter such as the SonicWeld Diverter series.  Original cost was $280 and it was custom made and measured to be very accurate and well shielded cable.  The best I have ever owned, but I don't have my Antelope Zodiac Gold...
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    Clearance Sale - Whiplash Audio Twag V2 Eclipse JH-3A 72" IEM Cable

    This is a like new 72" custom made JH-3A IEM cable.  It doesn't work for any other IEMs.  Original cost was $575.  Rarely used.   S&H is $10 extra within the continental USA.   S&H is quoted for USA locations.  Foreign locations are extra, please contact me with a quote.  PayPal fees are...
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    Clearance Sale - Remaining Whiplash TWag V2 Connectors - Fire Sale prices

    Predator female to TRS 1/4" male connector $50+$5 S&H XLR4 female to Dual-XLR3 male connector $65+$5 S&H TRS 1/2" female to TRS 1/4" male connector $45+ $5 S&H   S&H is quoted for USA locations.  Foreign locations are extra, please contact me with a quote.  PayPal fees are included.  Only...
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    3 Frost Audio High-End Heavy-Duty Audiophile Power Cables - Fire Sale

    I am listing three Frost Audio power cables.  These are excellent cables, well isolated and shielded.  Ideal for heavy power amps and the like.  Strongly prefer to sell all three of them together.  Because these are heavy cables, shipping will not be cheap.   3FT BlackFrost power cable 5FT...
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    FINAL PRICE DROP: Beyerdynamic T70 6.75FT Whiplash Recabled XLR3 Balanced TWag V3 Hybrid Custom Headphone

    This is a mint condition T70 250Ohm purchased from Whiplash Audio (Beyer Authorized Dealer).  Expertly recabled using their TWag/TWcu Hybrid cable in balanced configuration terminated in premium dual XLR3 (Cryoparts Rhodium Plugs).  Matching XLR3 to TRS 1/8" mini adapter included (as well as a...
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    Frost Audio XLR Balanced Audio Cables (3 pairs - 3Ft length)

    These are Frost Audio balanced XLR 3 interconnect cables.  They are from the WhiteFrost line.  All feature Neutrik XLR connectors, as shown.  Cost was $300/pair.  Sale price $79/pair, shipping and PayPal included in the US.
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    6FT & 8FT Locus Design Raven AC Power Cables (2 cables total)

    Both are in like new condition and original packaging as shown (6FT version). I do not have the wrapper for the 8FT.  Original cost was $399 for the 6FTer, don't remember the cost of the 8FTer.  Price includes tracked shipping to continental USA.  3% PP fee is extra if you choose purchase...
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    Whiplash Elite Reference RCA Interconnects - 6FT - Cryoparts Locking RCA Plugs

    This is the last pair of interconnects I own and since everything else is gone, these will have to go as well.  Top of the line product, using TWag V2 wiring.  In mint condition, as pictured.  Come with the optional Cryo-Parts locking RCAs.   I will cover shipping to continental USA to...