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    World First! Massdrop x HiFIMAN Collaboration Announcement

    Hello. I find this drop in Youtube via UnboxTherapy. Currently I have a pair of the cheap and famous Superlux668b connected directly to the motherboard (Asus ROG Hero Viii) and I'm very interested in this Hifiman HE-350   My actual pair is fine, music, movies, games, I'm happy with them, but...
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    Reply to review by 'wachuwey' on item 'Superlux HD-668 B'

    I'm really interested in this headphones to use it in the pc.   I don't have a dedicated sound card, the integrated sound card is a Realtek ALC889A. Due to the  high impedance of this pair and my total ignorance in the world of sound I'm not sure if this pair fits me. Does anyone know if there...
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