Air movers: Koss KSC75 with Yaxi earpads, Koss KSC35, Massdrop X Koss KSC75X, Koss KPH30i, Koss KPH40 Utility, PSB M4U1, Massdrop X Koss ESP/95X with iFi iPower, Massdrop X Sennheiser HD 6XX with Costum Cans mod and OIDIO balanced cable; BeyerDynamic DT150; Hifiman Sundara;
Heating systems: xDuoo TA-26; Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear;
Digital analogers: Cambridge DacMagic 200M with iFi iPower X; Fiio BTR5; Topping D10s (USB to Coax); Chord Mojo; Douk Audio U2 Pro USB to optical);
Bits movers: MyVolumio on Dell Wise 3040; MyVolumio on Raspberry Pi 4 powered by ifi iPower X with touch screen; TuneBrowser on Lenovo desktop; UAPP and others on Redmi Note 10 Pro phone; MyVolumio on Raspberry Pi 0 with Pimoroni Pirate Audio Line Out DAC; MyVolumio on Raspberry Pi 0 2W to vintage tube Philips radio; Creative BT-W3;

Bit farms: Qobuz, Radio Paradise, several webradios, own collection of dsd, flac and wma files on a OMV NAS in a Raspberry Pi 3.