Im 19. in rehab now but when i get out i'm going off to college.
MUSIC. Listen to + Make it.
Drums, keys, guitar, piano, sax.
Building Computers, building speakers.
Synths. Drums.
Headphone Inventory
bose triport IE

ultimate ears 5 eb

monster turbine

bose triport around ear

beyerdynamic dt770
Headphone Amp Inventory
no amp
Source Inventory
Sony Walkman

Zune HD* primary

Onboard Intel "HD" audio
Music Preferences
Whatever sounds good. Usually electronic stuff, some jazz (a lot of jazz fusion stuff like david axelrod, pekka pohjola). some classical, some rock.

I hate vocs. Dunno why, just prevents me from enjoying the music usually.

If it's not rhythmically interesting, I probably won't like it. There are exceptions to this rule, though, Like Phillip glass. But I guess glass does some pretty rhythmically interesting stuff so idk...

I like random stuff.

Just to spit some band names randomly:

Disco Biscuits
Jordan Rudess
Stanley Clarke
Cheap Dinosaurs
Benevento Russo Duo
Pekka Pohjola
Ed Palermo Big Band
Frank Zappa
The New Deal
Built a few PCs. First PC was a cheesy ass gamer pc with blue LEDs all over the place. (AMD64 + 7800gt) Case was flimsy, fans were super loud, fans spinning made the case vibrate loudly.

Got sick of that crap, got a super silent Antec chassis and installed a bunch of silent zalman fans, which made it nice and quiet.

Then I stopped doing computer crap for a long time. Got high every day for like 3 years, then realized I had to get my crap together to get into college and stopped. My sober self gravitated back to computer crap, and swaped out the guts of my amd pc with a core 2 duo and added a 9600gso.

For college, I plan to replace the 100lb antec chassis with a super tiny a cooler master that I'l actually be able to move without gunting and cursing. I also need some other random stuff, like an lcd display (ive been using a CRT i bought for 20 bucks when i needed a monitor after I sold my 24" lcd for crack money)
I also need more hard drive space for ripping my CDs in lossless, now that I have speakers good enough to reveal the difference (a speaker kit I got from parts express).
sell drugs

il get a real job eventually