No amount of performance will overcome favoritism.
So Cal
I like New Stuff, bike rides at the beach, kind people, intelligent conversation.
Headphone Inventory
Grado SR80e
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (250)
Sony MDR 7506 w/Beyer earpad mod (Grado's kick these in the teeth)
Audio Technica ATH M40FS (Seems to need extended break-in to be listenable)
Koss KSC75 clip ons (amazing for $15 bucks, great for workouts)

Monoprice 108323 (Ear piece broke after < 1 yr of use, head band uncomfortable - don't buy these)
Razer Carcharias (broke after 6 yrs, nice while they lasted)
Sony MDR NC-40's (earpiece connection broke after 6-odd yrs)
Superlux HD 681 (broke after < 6 months of use, junk)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Bottlehead Crack - assembled
Schiit Magni
Bravo Audio V2 (one stock, one modified)
(I'm not cheap, I'm frugal.)

Fiio E6 (these are junk IMO)
Sansa clip (got wet and died)
Source Inventory
Fiio X1 v2 (mostly nice but crappy bluetooth range)
Schiit Modi DAC

Pure i-20 iPod DAC (ipod broke - want it?)
Other Audio Equipment
Ipod nano broke. But my shuffle still works.
A growing inventory of Bluetooth speakers
Sony DEJ011 Portable CD Player (these are becoming rare)
A JVC home theater system that I want to replace
A pair of speakers I built myself 25 years ago, complete with a passive crossover I designed myself.
My cell phone has a radio in it.
A nice Boston Acoustics HD radio with a flaky on-off volume knob, that I can't fix.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Does Tinnitus count? ... and its getting worse
Music Preferences
Fusion Jazz, Alt Rock, progressive rock, fusion anything
Plus marching band music that I participated in...
I have computers. Too many computers.


Umust B. Kidn
No amount of performance will overcome favoritism.