Struggling with the fact I got into this for the music. Still waiting for the Lh geek wave. 3 years now. Do not back their crowd funding
New Orleans
Sports and arts alcoholic spirits
Wine, Absinthe, Rye, Beer, Coffee
Food ,traveling in Europe
Hockey red wings,soccer Bayern Munich skateboarding but I'm too old to sustain the falls these days. The Saints of course
reading and writing, guitar, cut ups
Headphone Inventory
hifiman he-560, ZMF Omni & Vibro, Q701,German maestro 240, Senn Amperior , puro 500, crazy cello,
Headphone Amp Inventory
Schiit Lyr w , 75 &'74 reflektors, ,valvos e188cc, Cca , philips miniwatts, siemens' 62 e88cc mullard ecc88, tons more and we 396a, tung sol 2c51, he 5star 5670. Parasound Zdac , Geek out 450 ,pulse, geek out v2 and gustard h10 with burson v5s
Liquid Carbon, cayin iha-6
Source Inventory
pulse vanilla, monarchy nm24 (theta caps and we 396a tubes)Oppo 970 , Quad cd90 ,teac cd-p650b, rotel cd asus and hp notebooks with Foobar
Geek Wave one of these days, I think its July now. and now its February... Various mp3 for road trips and cycling
Cable Inventory
Copper canare, silver litz,balanced and stock.
Ela-audio balanced various AQ connects
Other Audio Equipment
Quad system. Rogue audio Sphinx v2, technics 1200 mk2, ascend acoustic Sierra 1. Tubes in the sphinx, '52 sylvania dgetters, '70 ecc82 Phillips , rca 5814a, brimar 4003, ge 5 star 5814a dgetters. (favorites)
Music Preferences
Lots of underground 80s and 90s stuff like the Birthday party, Blurt, Einsturzende Neubauten, Joy Division, 23 skidoo, Hugo Race, Grinderman, Tom Waits
Electronic like Meat beat manifesto , Tino ,Boards of Canada, Moloko, Tackhead & little Axe(bluesy) David Sylvian
Pop like Roddy Frame, Nick Heyward, Serge Gainsbourg, Leo Cohen
Funk like ACR, ohio players , the meters, Defunkt
Marley and a little dub stuff a little bossa nova
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Main rig: monarchy nm24 with theta caps and 5670 tubes by adapter. Cayin I-ha6 balanced into zmf ori or focal elegia
Back room rig: Lh geek > lyr1 with 6sn7 gtb by adapter>he-560.
Still have an LC, and parasound zdac which I use to interface my pc to a rogue sphinx using ge 5 star 5814a driving buchardt s400
Quad 12al with a cdp90.
Still waiting for a geek wave. That I will not live to hear. Dix