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    Do the Westone Fit Kit tips fit other earphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by oregon Fit Kit | Westone Anyone know if these tips work with other makes of IEM's? imho, I'd avoid Westone's fit kit b/c if you get the kit, and then decide which you like best, you can't later get more of that one kind.
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    Make an IEM stem more tacky/sticky?

    Hi all, is there a good way to make IEM stems a bit more tacky/sticky so that the tips stay on better? I'm finding that my tips keep nudging, and a few times have wound up left behind in my ears. I've tried cleaning the stems/tips, thinking they might a bit oily, but that didn't seem to help...
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    JH13Pro just arrived... Amp/DAC search begins

    At the RSA Predator list price, you could get BOTH an iBasso D4 and T3 -- a D4 for your laptop, and a T3 for your iPhone. Not saying you should, but if you're thinking about Predator, it seems perhaps worth a thought.
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    iBasso D42 "Mamba" with dual dacs! !! Hey Hey! Improved Starting on Page 76 .

    Thanks -- though #2 would require use of the battery, right? I wonder what more circuit it would have required to enable the D4 to draw power via USB, but be used for that #2 application (ie, without needing the battery, and not using the USB as a *source* but just for *power*).
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    iBasso D42 "Mamba" with dual dacs! !! Hey Hey! Improved Starting on Page 76 .

    Quote: Originally Posted by HiFlight Yes, you can do that 2 different ways: 1. Using a source thru the DAC (USB) input, you can patch from the Aux In/Out to your stereo via a mini-RCA cable. D4 can be off, as all power is supplied by the USB and the amp section of the D4 is unused...
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    iBasso D42 "Mamba" with dual dacs! !! Hey Hey! Improved Starting on Page 76 .

    Quick question about the D4 -- you can also patch it into a stereo via a mini to rca cable, from the D4's aux in/out jack to the stereo's aux in? Any idea how this compares to similarly priced standalone USB/DACs that are marketed as stereo sources?
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    Which eartip to use with Westone UM3X?

    Re: Klipsh tips -- fwiw, I've only used the Klipsch and the Comply that came with the UM3X -- so, with that said, I much prefer the Klipsch -- to me they sound better, feel better, and will last longer. I now only use the Comply foams on a plane, for the additional isolation. Right now I'm using...
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    IEMs on airplanes

    Quote: Originally Posted by Crazy*Carl Most jetliners today set the cabin pressure to around 8000ft above sea level. Shortly before or after takeoff, the cabin pressure begins to drop as it makes its way down. If you stuck the IEMs in your ears while the cabins has not yet reached 8000...
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    IEMs on airplanes

    Quote: Originally Posted by Halftrack UE includes a volume attenuator with some of their canalphones (definitely with the SF4, don't know about any others), it helps with the pilot-blowing-out-your-ears thing. Sure, you can turn the volume down *after* they blast you -- shouldn't...
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    IEMs on airplanes

    A few comments... 1) I can't imagine that wearing IEMs would affect whether your ears pop, or not. 2) Many here have suggested chewing gum or swallowing -- to unpop my ears, I force myself to yawn. It's actually easy to get yourself to yawn. In fact, just thinking about yawning will get...
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    Amp for Sansa Clip+

    Hah, NiceCans beat me to it!
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    Amp for Sansa Clip+

    I use my Clip+ unamped -- but if you can wrap something around your amp (for example, double-sided velcro) perhaps you could simply clip your Clip+ to that?
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    Clicking sounds via a USB DAC?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fenixdown110 I had this same problem as well, but with a desktop. The snap, crackle, pop could be from a ground loop. Does the iBasso D4 have an external power supply? And if it does, is it plugged into the same power outlet as the laptop charger? Have both...