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    Amp to boost the bass of Sony XBA-H3

    Well the Fiio E10k will only boost the "bass" 3dB, and we don't even know what frequency it is boosting. 
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    Review by 'Tsmmjr' on item 'JVC HA-V570 Supra-Aural Headphones'

    Okay, I ordered these headphones from Walmart on Nov 15,2013. They were a total of $10 with shipping and other fees included. They came four days later in a box, enclosed in clamshell packaging which actually wasn't so bothersome to open. When opening, to be honest I was very surprised.  ...
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    Modified Sony MDR-ZX100

    I may try this, since soon I will be hopefully upgrading to a different pair.
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    Hello, Joined Today.

    I figured I could join here to further improve my understanding of audio, and also get good tips and recommendations in the process as I slowly morph into a audiophile.    -----------------------------   I will honestly say, that I know a lot about sound and all that jibberish, but I do...