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    Info needed: 1964 Ears cable compatibility with UM sockets

    So I'm cheap and in need of a cable for a UM remold. I emailed the guys at 1964 Ears and they said their standard cable is compatible with their recessed sockets.   My question is whether said cable will work with a UM remold with recessed sockets. Are recessed sockets standardized across...
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    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Thanks for the help, guys. I was looking at UM's official website rather than - didn't realize that they had a distributor specifically for North America.  You would think that information would be available on their primary website, though.   Danny - WOW those are expensive...
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    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Quote:   Are they included in the price, though? I'm looking at remolding my Shure SE530's because the cable is giving way (apparently a common problem).  On UM's website, I see the remold quoted at $169. It doesn't say whether that includes the cable, though.
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    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Do UM remolds come with a detatchable cable, or is that something that I would have to buy extra? UM sells their cables for $50, 1964 sells theirs for $32.  Could I buy the cable from 1964 and use it with UM remolds?
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    Shure SE530 reshell - who to buy from?

    Hey all,   I'm a complete newbie when it comes to the reshelling process. I've been researching on the forums for the past couple days now and I still have not made up my mind as to who I want to buy from.  Most companies seem to have at least a couple customer service disasters each, so I'm...