Head Gear Reviews by TimmyVangtan
  1. TRI Starsea

    4.50 star(s)
    ==VIDEO VERSION== Introduction TRI Starsea competes in one of the most competitive price brackets on the IEM market, the $100 to $200 bracket, and manages to come up near the top. The powerful and exciting v-shape signature of these IEMs is done exceptionally well for the price. The bass is thumpy and hits with incredible power, an excellent bass-head IEM. The mids have decent tonality, and the treble is bright with good extension and detail. There's not a lot to fault in these IEMs that can be considered a definite "deal-breaker." Most of the...
  2. See Audio Yume/Anou

    4.00 star(s)
    VIDEO VERSION Introduction Sometimes an IEM will come around that does one thing SO MAGICALLY well that you forget or don't notice any other flaws that it has. The Seeaudio Yume is one of those IEMs. Not often, an IEM will make me want to revisit my entire collection of songs, but once these are on my ears, I can't help but shuffle through and listen to all my favorite songs all over again. The beauty here lies in how realistic the vocals come across. It is like they are standing in front of you singing in the same room. I can't get enough of...
  3. DUNU EST 112

    4.00 star(s)
    Introduction DUNU's new EST112 IEMs have received mixed reviews as of their release. Some reviewers stated that this IEM "punch above its price," some disagrees, and some are confused about why it exists. The mixed reviews may be partially due to another one of DUNU's IEM, the DUNU SA6, being very close in price and arguably one of the best IEMs below $550. Having tried and owned the SA6, I can agree, it is a tough IEM to beat. However, the EST112 does have qualities that might be more appealing to some listeners. The big question now is, are those...
  4. DUNU Studio SA6

    4.50 star(s)
    Personal Impression Here's the punch-line for anyone looking to skip the details. If you are looking for an impeccably-tuned neutral signature, SPARKLY yet SMOOTH treble, excellent vocal clarity, and $550 is your budget, buy these. DUNU SA6 is one of those IEMs that gave me the rare goosebumps and chills down my spine reaction. I'm thoroughly impressed with how they executed the treble. It's amazingly sparkly with no harshness. The level of brightness of the treble gave my entire library of music a new life. Every song sounded more lively and...